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Breaking news - Active Contributor Program launched by the Membership Working Group

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If you are an active OpenStreetMap contributor (with at least 42 mapping days in the last year or other contributions) you should have a voice in the OpenStreetMap Foundation, which is supporting the project, and be able to vote for the board members of your choice. There is now an easier and costless way to become an OpenStreetMap Foundation member: the Membership Working Group has launched the active contributor membership program, where you can easily apply to become an Associate member of the Foundation and there is no need to pay the membership fee.


Launched in August.

OSMF updates - 2020 January to beginning of August*

  • Content: Highlighting updates related to the Foundation - mostly news from the volunteer Working Groups, the Board of Directors, the Local Chapters, the Advisory Board members and the Committees.
  • Details: For more details you are invited to read the minutes or reports of the Board and the Working Groups (links on each section).
  • Accuracy: These reports do not go through a formal acceptance process, like the public Board minutes are. This might change. Reports are made known to the Working Groups first, before being sent to the membership.
  • Previous reports: here.

* With minor exceptions.

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Ongoing or discussed 2020 January to August

Paused - board mainly

Other news

Working Groups


Committees take on time delimited scoped tasks.

Advisory Board

Local Chapters

How can I help the Foundation?

  • Normal members provide their full residential address and can vote on all issues. They can also be candidates in the election to Board.
  • Associate members provide just their country of residence and can vote - but not on all issues. More information here.