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Microgrants committee members

  • Chris Beddow - US/Budapest

Christopher Beddow has been contributing to OpenStreetMap since 2015, while also working imagery and data integrations at Mapillary since 2016. While originally coming from Montana, USA, he contributes to local maps in such places as Hungary, Georgia, and Italy where he has been living and traveling over the past five years. He is interested in improving OSM in rural areas, mountainous regions, and communities that he has visited or hopes to visit one day.

  • Hanna Krüger - Germany, Koln

I started contributing to OSM in 2012 as a volunteer who mapped her home village and her home town in Lower Saxony in Germany. During the years I spend a lot of time in local mapping and some time in HOT, MapRoulette and other mapping challenges. In 2016 I organized my first mapping event and repeated this several times while taking part in the organization of the Fossgis Conference in Germany and the Elbe-Labe-Meeting, a mapping weekend for mappers from Germany and Czech Republic. One month ago I was elected as a board member for the German Local Chapter. In my daily life I am a mechanical engineer in the astrophysics department of the University in Cologne. My work is completely unrelated to my hobby OpenStreetMap.

  • Janet Chapman - Tanzania/London

Janet Chapman is a trustee of Tanzania Development Trust, a volunteer run charity, and the founder of Crowd2Map Tanzania  a crowdsourced mapping project mapping rural Tanzania for community development and to help protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation since 2015.  She lives in London but spends much of her time in rural Tanzania.  She is an active member of London Missing Maps.  Her OSM profile is here https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/JanetChapman

  • Clifford Snow - Washington state, US

Clifford Snow started contributing to OpenStreetMap in 2011 after attending a presentation by Hurricane Coast at the Bellingham, WA Linuxfest conference. Most of his mapping has involved communities he has lived in or visits regularly. He was one of the local organizers of the 2016 State of the Map US in Seattle. Currently he is a member of the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group, the OSMF Microgrant Committee and the US Code of Conduct Committee.

In his daily life, he is retired and enjoying life. Previously he worked in telcomm and tried hard to become a glass artist.

  • Geoffrey Katerrega - Uganda

Geoffrey Kateregga started contributing to OpenStreetMap in 2012 after attending a Mapping Party in Kampala, later on becoming an active member of the local community in Uganda, which has grown into an non profit organization in Uganda where he currently serves as chairman board. In 2015 he started working with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, where is currently working as the Community Programs Manager also working on their Microgrant Program. Geoffrey is coordinating OpenStreetMap Africa, a network helped unite local communities across Africa working together to organize the bi-annual State of the Map Africa conference that happened in Kampala, Uganda in 2017 and in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 2019. Geoffrey is also a member of the Wikimedia Community User Group in Uganda.

  • Joost Schouppe - Board liaison

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