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For Corporate Membership, see separate page.

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Why should you join?

  • Keep OpenStreetMap's servers running. OpenStreetMap is the world's biggest user-generated map, free for everyone to use. Our volunteer sysadmins rely on the OSM Foundation to provide the server hardware.
  • Influence the future direction of the project. Vote in the annual OSM Foundation elections for the board that steers the project.
  • Support our volunteer working groups. Our Working Groups keep OpenStreetMap safe from vandalism and legal threat, resolve licensing issues, organise conferences, keep our hardware and software up to date, any many other things.
  • Enjoy discounts to OSM events. The annual State of the Map conference offers significantly cheaper prices for OSM Foundation members.
  • Show your support for OpenStreetMap.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Foundation.

More details

The membership fee for individuals is currently £15 per year and you can join even for free, if you are an active contributor with at least 42 mapping days in the last 365 days, or if you are equally active in OpenStreetMap with non-mapping activities.

You do not have to be a member in order to use or contribute to OpenStreetMap.

You can also use the links above to renew an existing membership. If you are uncertain when your current membership expires, contact