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We have a small team of board members of the foundation. Here is a bit about each of them, including declarations of any other directorships and any substantial shareholdings.

  • Board members are volunteers and are usually1 not getting paid by the OSM Foundation for the work they do.
  • All board members are "directors" in the sense of the UK Companies Act. Even the person we designate "secretary" is not a "secretary" in the sense of the UK Companies Act.
  • See the OSM Foundation board members by year on the OSM wiki.

Current Board

Arnalie Vicario

Arnalie from the Philippines, username: arnalielsewhere, advocates for open data and is passionate about building inclusive spaces in the open mapping and open geo community. She was a GIS Specialist for seven years until she shifted to (online) community engagement in 2020.

She has been an Openstreetmap contributor since 2016, the same year she joined and became part of the OSM community in the Philippines. In 2018, she met her partner at the State of the Map - Milan conference, and reconvened GeoLadies Philippines, an advocacy group for community diversity, collaborative participation, and affirmative spaces especially for women, and under-represented communities in OpenStreetMap. She is a supporter and ally of various communities and networks such as Geochicas, Women+ in Geo, Open Heroines, and more.

You can learn more about her views about community in OpenStreeMap and humanitarian open mapping in the Geomob Podcast Interview - Arnalie Vicario: Building inclusive spaces in OSM as well as through her OSM Diaries.

Craig Allan

Craig came out of a local government background, where as a spatial planner he received formal training in aerial photo interpretation, photogrammetry and land survey. He has used commercial GIS systems since the 80’s, starting on the simple but very effective Atlas GIS by Strategic Mapping Inc. and later moving on to the infuriating but effective ARC/INFO by ESRI. Now he's a QGIS fan and has used it supporting philanthropic work in Rangpur Division, Bangladesh.

Craig concentrates on mapping in Africa. He appreciates that putting a village on the map may enable residents to be recognised and to receive development support and humanitarian aid. Craig is also very interested in conservation and climate change, so does a lot of mapping of threatened forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in several places in Kenya, such as the Mara reserve and forests and wetlands inland of Lamu town. He also maps in north Chad because he's interested in both rock arches and the East Saharan montane xeric woodland which somehow survives on high mountains in the Sahara.

In his later working life he did less geography and demographics and turned to management doing Strategic planning, Risk management, Performance management, Budgeting and administrative tasks. Those have their uses for building and managing organisations, and he now deploys those skills in the interest of the OSMF and the broader OSM community.

Daniela (Dani) Waltersdorfer Jimenez

Daniela Waltersdorfer, also known as Dani is from Lima, Peru, and also spent part of her childhood in Bogota, Colombia, and in a suburb of Miami in the U.S. After other moves and adventures, she now resides in Washington, D.C. , U.S. As a professional, she works in the Transportation Industry, where she helps many transportation agencies with their transit, logistics, supply-chain, and asset management needs in the form of digital geospatial solutions. She’s a big advocate for proper accessibility and mobility for people and goods. She’s been a leader of Maptime Boston and Maptime Miami, where (along with her awesome co-leads) provided GIS and mapping education to the local communities, led mapathons, and hosted a space for everything map-related in our urban areas.

Her first edit on OSM was for a HOTOSM task in Nepal. This is when she learned about the OSM project and community. Dani was fascinated by the involvement and logistics of the OSM community; there were people from all over the world, people who will probably never meet in person, who are also working on this task to help the people in Nepal and the humanitarian organizations sending relief. “I remember telling my grandfather about OSM and sharing this amazing idea of a community working together to complete the map. He was a pilot in the Peruvian Air Force who spent a lot of time surveying and mapping the Amazon Region in Peru, so he certainly understood my fascination”.

Dani is a volunteer-mapper and is passionate about growing the OSM communities. Feel free to contact her whenever! She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Loves: Family, friends, dogs, beaches, long walks, Pilates, trains.

Hates: Snails, smog, pollen, misogyny.

Guillaume Rischard

Guillaume Rischard from Luxembourg maps as Stereo, which is easier to pronounce. When he discovered OpenStreetMap in 2008, there were only a few main roads displayed around him. He didn’t take the project seriously. In 2011, he ran into it again, and saw that the map had become a lot more detailed. He spotted a missing name, and when he saw it displayed on the map when he refreshed right after saving it, he was hooked. When he uploads a changeset, he still likes to open that place in his browser while it still hasn’t rendered, open the same URL in a new tab a few seconds later, then switch between the tabs.

He works as a freelance data consultant, and was the technical lead and helped drive strategy on the Luxembourg Open Data Portal, where one success was getting the addresses, orthoimagery and official map data of Luxembourg released.

The most significant thing he’s written recently is probably the Membership Working Group report on the 100 suspicious signups. Guillaume and his co-author Steve Friedl were honoured to receive the OpenStreetMap award for influential writing for it at the State of the Map conference in Heidelberg.

He is a member of the Data Working Group and Membership Working Group, and occasionally contributes to the OSM Weekly.

Mateusz Konieczny

A map enthusiast, interested in open data, open source, open knowledge. Works on making them more powerful and accessible to as many as possible.

An OpenStreetMap mapper since 2013. Active in various OSM discussions and in improving the OpenStreetMap ecosystem.

Programmer, worked on improving StreetComplete - an OpenStreetMap editor for Android. Contributed also to other software, for example improving OSM Carto, one of the primary map styles for OpenStreetMap.

As an active programmer and freelance consultant, currently primarily on Colouring Cities Research Programme and involved in developing StreetComplete - so taking additional care to avoid conflict of interest.

Author of maps, data analysis and more. Interested in OpenStreetMap being an active, community-controlled source of great open data, useful for many projects big and small.

Elected to the OSMF Board in 2022.

Roland Olbricht

Roland Olbricht came to OSM in 2008. Since 2011 he maintains and operates the Overpass API independent of this daytime job. Before Covid, he has been participant of multiple local meet-ups. He makes software for public transit as a software developer for the company MENTZ GmbH.

Sarah Hoffmann

Sarah Hoffmann has been contributing to OpenStreetMap since 2008 under the username of lonvia. She started out as a simple mapper, collecting a lot of data while hiking in the Swiss Alps. Over the years she became more and more involved in software development for OSM. She is maintainer for Nominatim, osm2pgsql, and a couple of other projects. She is part of the OSMF sysadmin team where she is responsible for the Nominatim servers and has helped out in the programme committee of SotM in the last couple of years.

In 2020 she finally gave up pretending that OSM is just a hobby. Nowadays she works as a freelancer doing development and consulting for OSM software in general and Nominatim in particular. She lives in Dresden, Germany.

1 Exception: 2021/resolution 19, tied to the task of resolving the blockage of PayPal and TransferWise accounts at that point.