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What is the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board is a group of individuals that the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors may consult on important decisions (either as a group, or as individuals). The Advisory Board can also raise their own issues or suggestions to the OSMF board. Much like an OSMF working group, the Advisory Board does not have a formal role or structure defined by the Articles of Association; to a large degree, the Advisory Board governs itself. The scope of what the Advisory Board discusses and how it organizes is a work in progress.

The Advisory Board consists of one representative each of our Bronze or higher1 level corporate members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, as well as one representative each of all properly established Local Chapters of the Foundation. Membership is optional, organizations may opt out of taking a seat on the Advisory Board.

The OSMF board will also keep a presence on the Advisory Board through one or more OSMF board members. OSMF board will also consider inviting individuals whose knowledge or experience is deemed beneficial to the group. The OSMF Board of Directors has the ultimate say about who may participate in the Advisory Board, and may use this discretion to ensure a positive environment.

1 Changed on 2023-07-27. Previously, only Gold or Platinum Corporate Members could have representatives on the Advisory Board.


Advisory Board members communicate via a dedicated mailing list. Unless and until the Advisory Board itself determines otherwise, discussions in the Advisory Board are private.

However, to ensure transparency, the OSMF Board of Directors will publicly minute, in their board meeting minutes, any communication sent to, or received from, the Advisory Board.

Overview of communications

Please note that the emails of the Advisory Board mailing list are not limited to the representatives or groups mentioned on the table below, but may also be copied to other parties.

At the time of writing, Advisory Board emails are copied to Dorothea Kazazi (OSMF Administrative Assistant) and Courtney Williamson (Fundraiser).

Collective email addresses

The board on 2022-03-16 decided to allow Advisory Board members (i.e. Local Chapters, or Gold and Platinum Corporate Members) to nominate other group email addresses to also receive Advisory Board emails.

Current Members of the Advisory Board and their Affiliations

Affiliation (Company or Country/organisation) Reason for addition Name of representative
Platinum Corporate Member Den Raskovalov
Platinum Corporate Member Shaundrea Kenyon
Gold Corporate Member Andrew Turner
Gold Corporate Member Yantisa Akhadi
Gold Corporate Member Nick Preston
Gold Corporate Member Peter Karich
Gold Corporate Member Christoph Lingg
Gold Corporate Member Tom Lee
Meta (previously Facebook)
Gold Corporate Member Angelina Calderon
Silver Corporate Member Marina-Teodora Deac
Silver Corporate Member Bonnie Bogle
Silver Corporate Member Philipp Krenn
Silver Corporate Member Frederik Ramm
Silver Corporate Member Paul Uithol
Silver Corporate Member Christian Bäuerlein
Silver Corporate Member Ajay Bulusu
Silver Corporate Member Marc Tobias
Silver Corporate Member David Bischof
Silver Corporate Member Marco Bernasocchi
Silver Corporate Member Pending
Silver Corporate Member Pending
Bronze Corporate Member Lindy Theron
Bronze Corporate Member Viktor Rudoy
init innovation in traffic systems SE
Bronze Corporate Member Andrea Mohr-Braun
Bronze Corporate Member Drew Dara-Abrams
Bronze Corporate Member Pending
Bronze Corporate Member Klaus Mapara
Bronze Corporate Member Maxim Dubinin
Bronze Corporate Member Oliver Tonnhofer
Bronze Corporate Member Petr Nemecek
Stadia Maps
Bronze Corporate Member Ian Wagner
Bronze Corporate Member Julien Coupey
VK Maps
Bronze Corporate Member Ignat Anikeev
Bronze Corporate Member Markus Lind
[Austria] OpenStreetMap Austria Local Chapter pending
(OSM-AT board subscribed to the Advisory Board mailing list)
[Argentina] Asociación Civil Geolibres/OpenStreetMap Argentina Local Chapter pending (Geolibres board subscribed to the Advisory Board mailing list)
[Belgium] OpenStreetMap Belgium Local Chapter pending
(OSM-BE board subscribed to the Advisory Board mailing list)
[Czech republic] OpenStreetMap Česká republika z.s. Local Chapter Tomáš Kašpárek
[Democratic Republic of the Congo] OpenStreetMap RDC Local Chapter Claire Halleux
(OSM-RDC board also subscribed to the Advisory Board mailing list)
[France] OpenStreetMap France Local Chapter Christian Quest
[Germany] OpenStreetMap Deutschland / FOSSGIS Local Chapter Frederik Ramm
[Iceland] OpenStreetMap á Íslandi Local Chapter Jóhannes Birgir Jensson
[Ireland] OpenStreetMap Ireland Local Chapter Dermot McNally
[Italy] OpenStreetMap Italia Local Chapter Stefano Sabatini
[Japan] 一般社団法人オープンストリートマップ・ファウンデーション・ ジャパン (OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan) Local Chapter Satoshi IIDA / 飯田 哲
[Kosovo] Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova Local Chapter Besfort Guri
[Oceania] OSGeo Oceania Local Chapter Edoardo Neerhut
[Poland] Stowarzyszenie OpenStreetMap Polska Local Chapter Andrzej Kępys
[Slovakia] Freemap Slovakia Local Chapter Peter Vojtek
[Switzerland] Swiss OpenStreetMap Association Local Chapter Patrick Stählin
[United Kingdom] OpenStreetMap United Kingdom Local Chapter Rob Nickerson
[United States] OpenStreetMap US Local Chapter Maggie Cawley & Diane Fritz