Corporate Members

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OpenStreetMap receives contributions  from companies who contribute both time and money to help ensure site stability, maintain and improve technical infrastructure, and support its volunteer community. OSM and the OSMF are extraordinarily grateful for the sustaining contributions of the following Corporate Members.

Learn more about how to become a corporate member of OpenStreetMap.

Platinum Corporate Members

TomTom logo.png

Gold Corporate Members

Mapbox logo.png
ESRI logo.png
Facebook logo full.png
Grab logo.png
GraphHopper logo.png
Gojek logo.png
Komoot logo.png

Silver Corporate Members

Cesium logo.png
Radar logo blue.png
OpenCage Logo SVG.svg
Geofabrik logo.png logo.png
Elastic logo.png
Bolt logo.png
HOT logo.png
Ioki Logo.png
Regrid logo.svg
QGIS logo.png

Bronze Corporate Members

Geotab logo.png
Omniscale logo 4c cymk.png
KAART logo.jpeg logo.png
YellowMap logo.png
NEXTGIS logo.png
Logo Mail maps by
Nationwide Technologies logo.png
InDrive logo.png
Init logo.png
Rinkai logo.jpg
Stadia Maps logo.png
SUSE logo.svg
Verso logo.svg
Interline Technologies logo.png
E-SMART logo.svg

Supporter Corporate Members

Foundation and community expectations

We expect Corporate Members to conduct themselves as good citizens of the OpenStreetMap ecosystem, e.g. by complying with our attribution requirements (Licence and Legal FAQ), following good editing practice and adhering to the community's guidelines, such as the Licence/Community Guidelines and the Organised Editing Guidelines.

How to join

Your organisation can join as a Corporate Member starting at €750 annually. There is a range of membership options available to fit organisations of any size. Please see the "Join as a Corporate Member" page to learn more.

If you have any questions about Corporate Membership, or if you are ready to sign up, please get in touch with us by emailing

Please note this is not a link-share or referral plan, please don't apply on that basis.

Helping in other ways

If you would like to help in other ways, please read Thank you.