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Committees as defined in the Articles of Association $91-94. Any such committee is chaired by a board member.

Fundraising Committee

  • Develops the strategy for raising funds for OSM Foundation operations, coordinates implementation, and maintains donor relationships.

Personnel Committee

  • Provides human resources (HR) and organisational support for people doing work for the Foundation for most of their time over the year.

Special Committees

The board can create Special Committees to take on time delimited scoped tasks. Unlike Working Groups, which have an ongoing scope and remit, they are not standing institutions, but deal with a delimited set of tasks. The work of a Special Committees is initiated by a board member, but other members of the Foundation and community may be invited to participate, and the chair may be anyone sitting on the Special Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee

  • Gather past research, determine indicators of current diversity, and identify root causes that contribute to any identified shortfalls.
  • Recommending actions for the Foundation, Working Groups or any other OSM actors to resolve these issues and improve diversity and inclusion.

FOSS Policy Special Committee

  • Implement the FOSS Policy
  • Document where closed or hosted software is used by the foundation, and why
  • Identify practical open alternatives

Special Committee on Takeover Protection

  • The committee's remit is to recruit additional members and investigate, then recommend to the Board, possible remedies to any potential threat of a hostile takeover of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. The remit includes but is not limited to specific attention to paid voting as mandated by the Foundation membership at the 2020 annual general meeting.

Other Groups

Microgrants committee

  • Running the call for microgrants projects.
  • Making a selection of about ten projects.
  • Following up with the selected projects.

The Microgrants committee, while having the word "committee" in its name, was not created as a committee defined in the Articles of Association $91-94.

Software Dispute Resolution Panel

  • Adjudicates software disputes that were not amicably resolved via community discussion.
  • Establishes internal procedures for that purpose.

Moderation team for talk and osmf-talk mailing lists