Personnel Committee

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The personnel committee provides human resources (HR) and organisational support for people doing work for the Foundation for most of their time over the year (long term contractors and employees).



Created by Mikel Maron and Tobias Knerr and adopted by the board in October 2020.

Composition of personnel committee

Chairperson: Sarah Hoffmann - elected in December 2022.

During the December 2020 board meeting it was decided that:

  • While the personnel committee charter mentions that members can only be "board members"(under the old Articles of Association (AoA)), it is up to the personnel committee chairperson, if they want the personnel committee to have members outside of the board.
  • The committee chairpersons can staff the committees, so no approval from the board is needed.
  • The board can pre-empt the addition of particular members to the committee, if it sees fit.

It has also been suggested to appoint two board members (for continuity reasons) as individual points of contact for contracted/hired people.

Related board discussions

For discussions related to hiring/contracting for specific positions, please see the Board minutes.