Licensing Working Group/Minutes/2020-05-14

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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Licensing Working Group - Agenda & Minutes
Thursday May 14th 2020, 20:00 - 21:00 UTC

Draft minutes.


  • Simon Poole (chairing)
  • Kathleen Lu
  • Jim Vidano
  • Michael Cheng




Adoption of past Minutes

Previous Action Items

  • 2017-03-02 Simon to determine existing obligations towards sources listed on the copyright page.
  • 2017-05-04 All/Simon to review import guidelines wrt licence “approval”.
  • 2018-03-08 All to look at the Working Groups collecting personal information.
  • 2018-04-12 LWG to follow-up on the iD editor, as the number of changesets is now included on the changeset comments thread.
  • 2018-05-10 Jim to sign the LWG NDA.
  • 2018-10-11 Simon to ask the board to contact the Working Groups about the NDA and ask people to sign up.
  • 2019-01-10 Simon to draft text to developers of apps related to geo/mapping, having OSM in their names or using variations of our logo.
  • 2019-02-14 Simon to summarise the advice regarding information requests from law enforcement and send it around.
  • 2019-12-12 Simon to discuss trademark registration strategy (more countries, additional classes, etc) with lawdit.
  • 2019-12-12 Simon to get back to Uni Heidelberg wrt track issue.
  • 2020-01-09 Simon to include text about downstream produced works to the FAQ.
  • 2020-01-09 Kathleen to produce 1-2 sentences about tile licence, to be included on copyright page.
  • 2020-03-12 Simon to send email or fax to Moovit.
  • 2020-03-12 Guillaume to talk to the board and get back to the LWG after the board's screen to screen meeting. Suggested feedback to include if the LWG should continue with the attribution guidance in some form as it is now.
  • 2020-04-09 Guillaume to contact Safer about OpenFricheMap.



Tile licence

Domain names

  • In the hands of Guillaume.
  • Simon contacted the registrant and convinced him to transfer it to us – we are covering the cost.

Country top level domain name registrations

Gandi is sponsoring us.

OSMF has recently purchased country domain names with reasonable prices:

  • Greece
  • Singapore
  • Peru
  • Philippines

Examples of expensive domain names

  • Bulgaria
  • Egypt (~500 USD)

Budget questions

  • LWG or OWG budget?
  • How much does the board want to budget for country domain registration?
  • Register more middle priced ones?

Points mentioned during discussion

  • For a lot of countries you cannot register a top level domain, unless you have an entity registered in that country.
  • Maybe register in countries where OSM has presence.

Action item: Simon to create a spreadsheet of top level country domains with info about whether registered by OSMF or not.

Any Other Business

Thanks to Nuno for participation

Nuno had decided to place OSMF/OSM on hold for the near future.

Any interest in trying out BigBlueButton instead of Mumble?

BBB advantages

BBB potential disadvantage

  • Might not work well on mobile.

Next Meeting

June 11th 2020 20:00 UTC