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Draft agenda for board mid-month video chat (non public)

Location: Video room
using BigBlueButton.

Please note that this video chat is not open to observers.

Date and time: Thursday July 16th 2020, 17:00 London time - Countdown


Board members



(non public video chat)

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Funding of projects used in core infrastructure (Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch)

Suggested by Guillaume.

Mostly inactive state of CWG

Suggested by Paul.

Current status of the Local Chapter [agreement] draft, with eye towards OSMUS LC application


The board, after discussions with OSM US regarding their Local Chapter application, is working on offering OSM US a modified Local Chapter (LC) agreement.

The updated LC agreement template, once finalised, will be used for future LCs and the update will be suggested to existing LCs.

Related board discussions/decisions:

Suggested by Rory.

Adopting the hiring framework

Related to osmf-talk email: OSM Foundation Hiring Framework and circular 2020Res35.

Suggested by Tobias.

Status update on hiring framework

Circular 2020Res35 is currently being voted by the board. If approved, the board will send this hiring framework draft for community consultation (to be open till July 30th) and use the document as a preliminary framework for any hiring-related steps until then.

Any updates to the hiring framework will first appear on this working document.

Suggested by Tobias.

Sysadmin next steps

Recent board discussions and communications related to hiring:

June 2020

2020 May

2020 Mar

Suggested by Tobias.

Status update on attribution guideline, results of conversations with LWG

The board had received a draft attribution guideline by the Licensing Working Group (LWG) and is working on its text.

Attribution related board minutes:

Attribution guidance related LWG minutes:

OSMF members related discussions:

  • Attribution guideline status update: 2019 Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
  • Attribution: board letter to Facebook: 2019 Oct, Nov
Suggested by Tobias.

Status update Argentina Local Chapter application

Suggested by Joost.

Next meeting

Public board meeting on 30th of July 2020, 17:00 London time.