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AoA - Articles of Association
AOB - Any other business
AB - Advisory Board
AGM - Annual General Meeting
CoI - Conflict of Interest
CWG - Communication Working Group
DISC - Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee
DWG - Data Working Group
EWG - Engineering Working Group
F2F - Face-to-face (meeting)
iD - iD editor
JOSM - Java OSM editor
LC - Local Chapter
LCCWG - Local Chapters and Communities Working Group
LWG - Licensing Working Group
MWG - Membership Working Group
NDA - Non-disclosure agreement
ODbL - Open Database License
OEG - Organised editing guidelines (former "Directed Editing Policy")
OWG - Operations Working Group
S2S - Screen-to-screen (meeting)
SotM - State of the Map conference
SotM WG - State of the Map organising committee
SSRE - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
WGs - Working Groups