Membership Working Group

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The Membership Working Group is charged with

- Administering the membership database
- Answering routine membership queries
- Increasing OSMF Membership

The Membership Working Group is not charged with:

1. Membership of Local Chapters - contact the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group at
2. Corporate Members - contact

Get in touch

Contact us

For all questions regarding your OSM Foundation membership. For example,

Get in touch with the whole team for general discussion or if you would like to participate in this working group.

What we do

We administer the membership register with the help of CiviCRM. We answer routine questions like what kind of membership do I have (normal or associate) or when will I need to renew. We also do the manual work for matching bank transfers with memberships for new sign ups and renewals. And sometimes we need to sort out other problems regarding sign up or renewal. Payments via PayPal are automatic, there we don't need to do anything as long as everything works correctly.

We also process the active contributor membership applications as far as we have formal rules, like checking if the applicant is an active mapper.

The osmf-talk mailing list is specifically for OSMF members only. Therefore new subscriptions are moderated by us, and we will check that the subscriber has a valid OSMF membership.

Who we are

The Membership Working Group has the following volunteers:

  • Michael Spreng
  • Guillaume Rischard (also on OSMF board)
  • Priscovia Ng'ambi
  • Bogomil Shopov
  • Thomas Barris (inactive)
  • Steve Friedl (inactive)

Join Us

We are always open to new members, whether to take part regularly or to work on a particular issue. Especially the topic of growing the membership is big and we feel like we didn't even scratch the surface there. We recommend to have at least one day per month available for effectively contributing to the membership working group.

Before joining the membership working group you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the OSMF, as we handle confidential information of the membership register as part of our duties. However, you don't need to be formally part of the membership working group to work on topics, for example regarding growing the membership. Any form of collaboration is welcome.


See Membership Working Group minutes