Board Committees/Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee

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The board appoints a Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee (DISC) to address diversity and inclusion, and invites volunteers and interested persons to join. DISC will have the following set of tasks:

  • Compile previous research and substantial discussions on the topic of diversity in OSM and OSMF.
  • Determine the current diversity of OSM and OSMF, as well as regional or topical subcommunities, along the attributes listed in the Diversity Statement (and any others identified by DISC).
    • This involves choosing and implementing methodology for measurement and research, and collecting both quantitative and qualitative information. The analysis should be both global and specific to local or topical groups, consider the scale of the problems, and see whether similar communities have achieved different results.
  • If applicable, identify root causes and systematic issues within (and outside) the OSM community that contribute to these identified shortfalls.
  • Having identified causes and studied how other communities would have solved similar issues, produce a public report recommending actions for the Foundation, Working Groups or any other OSM actors to resolve these issues and improve diversity and inclusion.
    • This could include a wide array of approaches, from recruiting more people to OSM/F, mentoring, work on inclusion in our interaction and communication, or a hundred other things. DISC would not alone be in charge of implementing these actions; it would involve support of and coordination with working groups, the Board, and the community.
    • Recommend to the Board any changes to the OSM Foundation Diversity Statement
  • Set timeline and implementation of evaluation of these actions, to determine what’s working, what isn’t and why, and where we need to iterate on the approaches.
  • Determine necessity and make recommendations on future scope of work for the group, and in which form it should continue (e.g. new committee(s) or Working Group format).
  • Report to the board at least once every three months.

Also see Board/Minutes/2020-01#Diversity