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In progress

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic the face-to-face 2020 board meeting took place online on 21st & 22nd of March, 2020.

Action Items

See Action Items


Board members

  • Tobias Knerr
  • Mikel Maron
  • Rory McCann
  • Allan Mustard
  • Paul Norman
  • Guillaume Rischard
  • Joost Schouppe


  • Allen Gunn (facilitator)
  • Grant Slater (OSMF sysadmin - present during the sysadmin session on the second day)
  • Tom Hughes (OSMF sysadmin - present during the sysadmin session on the second day)
  • Dorothea (administrative assistant)


This year we had a facilitator, as in 2019: Allen Gunn (Aspiration Tech)

Notes on agenda

The agenda was structured mostly by the facilitator.

The following is a working schedule for the March 2020 OSMF Virtual Board Retreat. The event will be structured as two days of collaborative working sessions.

  • Day 1 is structured as higher-level strategic discussions that address a number of the topics board members individually and collectively identified as priorities for the retreat. The goal of Day 1 work is to both make progress on those topics, in terms of decisions and action items, while also identifying deeper work we will do on Day 2.
  • Day 2 is then structured as those deeper working sessions on specific outcomes, along with the session with the sysadmins. Some of the working sessions will build on Day 1 work, and others will focus on new topics.

The following are some general guidelines regarding how we'll run the event:

  • The agenda is malleable. Sessions will be proposed and moved around to accommodate requests by participants, as well as outcomes achieved and priorities identified. All break times are approximate.
  • This is a "full focus" event: We request and encourage all participants to be fully present in sessions and discussions, rather than multi-tasking in other windows or devices on email etc. We invite participants to use the breaks to check in with external realities. We fully understand that non-meeting priorities such as family and household may require immediate attention at any point.
  • Notes will be dynamically captured during sessions. We will be asking all present to help in capturing notes, so as to spread the work around evenly.

Day 1 - Saturday 21 March 2020

Opening Session

15.00 UTC

The meeting will be called to order with brief check-ins, along with overviews of the agenda, participation guidelines and meeting logistics.

Looking longer-term: Where we want to be in 1, 3, and 5 years

15.30 UTC

The work of the retreat will begin by looking beyond the present time frame and projecting what the next 5 years could look like for OSM. Topics to be covered will include anticipated usage and user needs, demand for data, community growth and needs, technology and infrastructure, resources required to support scale and evolution, and both challenges and opportunities which will need to be addressed. A core goal of this visioning will be to establish shared perspective and context for subsequent deeper dives on many of these topics during the retreat.

16.30 UTC Break

OSM Global Community Cohesion, Growth and Direction

16.45 UTC

Attention will turn to the OSM community and how the Foundation can best support all those who participate in and contribute to OSM. The objective will to compare perspectives and prioritize the most pressing issues with regard to community cohesion and vitality, including appropriate goals and practices for positive growth, constructive relations between different parts of the community, communications, diversity, inclusion and broadening participation.

A primary objective of this and each working session on the agenda will be to capture decisions and action items to be both reported out and acted upon in later sessions and after the meeting.

18.00 UTC Break

Sustaining and fortifying OSM

18.30 UTC

Building on conversations to this point, the group will do deeper work on what OSM and OSMF need to prioritize and achieve in order to be more fit for present and future purpose. Topics covered will likely include prioritizing and addressing infrastructure needs, assessing long-term vitality of the organization the potential need for paid staff, and keeping the technology and the data at the highest levels of quality and availability.

19.45 UTC Break

Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement

20.00 UTC

A final phase to Day 1 will address a range of outstanding governance issues, including data governance and policy issues including attribution, tiling policy, and license observance, as well as membership and governance at the community and Foundation levels.

Closing session

21.30 UTC

The closing session will invite participants to weigh in on what has been most useful during the course of Day 1, and review their goals and priorities for the agenda of Day 2. An outcome of this review will be to generate a list of working session topics and associated goals for Day 2.

22.00 UTC Adjourn Day 1

Day 2 - Sunday 22 March 2020

Opening Session

15.00 UTC

The day will start with a summary of Day 1 outcomes and a Day 2 Agenda Overview.

Ideas and outline broad goals for our communication platforms

15.05 UTC Working Sessions I

Working sessions will focus on doing deeper work on outcomes from Day 1 as well as topics not already addressed. Working session topics will be based on priorities identified at the close of Day 1.

Dialogue with OSM System Administrators

16.00 UTC

OSM System Administrators will join the meeting to discuss priorities for infrastructure and administrating the OSM platform and database most effectively and sustainably. Equal focus will be placed on identifying how OSMF and OSM can better support the administrators in their work.

17.30 UTC Break

Working Sessions II, in parallel
17.45 UTC

Working sessions continue.

Debrief of Sysdamin call

Attribution (Allan, Guillaume, Mikel)

Working Sessions in parallel II, Group 1

Hiring (Joost, Paul, Rory, Tobias)

Working Sessions in parallel II, Group 2

Draft notes: Hiring

19.15 UTC Break

Working Sessions III
19.30 UTC

Working sessions continue.

Governance infrastructures (Allan, Guillaume, Mikel, Paul)

Working Sessions in parallel III, Group 1

Governance infrastructures (Joost, Rory, Tobias)

Working Sessions in parallel III, Group 2

Mapping Where From Here

21.00 UTC

The group will pause before the final session to take stock of the progress made to this point in the retreat and to inventory action items, next steps and other bridges to post-event collaboration and report-outs to the OSM Community.

Closing session

21.30 UTC

Participants will summarize key outcomes from the event, and discuss next steps for continuing collaboration after the meeting.

22.00 UTC Adjourn Meeting

Practical Information

  • Venue: MSF office, London, UK online

Social event

  • Friday 20th - meeting with community members. Possibly at the Cutty Sark pub in Greenwich.