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Local Chapters are country-level or region-level not-for-profit legal entities representing the area's mappers when dealing with local government, business, and media. They have been officially recognised by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) and can use the OpenStreetMap marks.


Local Chapters Template Agreement updated

The Local Chapters template agreement was updated by the OSMF board. The new version was approved in July and is now available to new and existing Local Chapters (LCs).

"Local Chapters Working Group" relaunched as "Local Chapters and Communities Working Group"

The former "Local Chapters Working Group" was relaunched in February as the "Local Chapters and Communities Working Group" (LCCWG). LCCWG is tasked with finding and implementing ways for the Foundation to support the growth of local communities and potentially encourage established communities to further organise themselves and eventually formally affiliate with the Foundation as one of its Local Chapters.

The Local Chapter applications are reviewed by the OSMF board and are voted by board members after membership and local communities consultations. Steps of application process.

The Local Chapters mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of topics and issues of interest to the Local Chapters of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, as well as those groups interested in becoming a Local Chapter. You can also chat with members of the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group.

For quick chats and light discussions with the LCCWG, there is a channel you can reach via -any- of the following options:

Local Chapters and Communities Working Group page

New Local Chapters


OpenStreetMap Česká republika was approved in February 2020 as the Local Chapter for Czechia.

Argentina and Oceania: First non-European Local Chapters and first supranational Local Chapter

Asociación Civil Geolibres and OSGeo Oceania Limited were approved in August 2020 as the Local Chapters for Argentina and Oceania, respectively.

  • They are considered to be the first two non-European Local Chapters.
  • OSGEO Oceania is the first supranational Local Chapter.
On supranational Local Chapters

The topic of supranational LCs was discussed by OSMF and board members and the Oceania application was approved with the agreement that OSGEO Oceania will up a page about their Local Chapter status, including a note about how they welcome the formation of more Local Chapters within Oceania; combined with an "official" e-mail to the OSMF board that they will keep that note online.

Swiss Local Chapter: Update of bylaws

The Swiss OpenStreetMap Association updated their bylaws: DE, EN.

German Local Chapter: Position on OSMF hiring staff

FOSSGIS position on OSMF hiring staff.

Status of open applications

Steps of application process

Country Organisation Status
United States OpenStreetMap United States Inc. In progress - membership and local community consultation phase.
Slovakia Freemap Slovakia In progress
Kosovo Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova In progress
Democratic Republic of Congo OpenStreetMap RDC Open
Uganda OpenStreetMap Uganda Open
Japan OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan Dormant - expression of interest to be restarted

Current Local Chapters

Argentina * Asociación Civil Geolibres application docs
Belgium OpenStreetMap Belgium application docs
Czechia OpenStreetMap Česká republika z.s. application docs
France OpenStreetMap France application docs
Germany OpenStreetMap Deutschland / FOSSGIS application docs
Iceland OpenStreetMap á Íslandi application docs
Italy OpenStreetMap Italia application docs
Ireland OpenStreetMap Ireland application docs
Oceania * OSGeo Oceania Limited application docs
Switzerland Swiss OpenStreetMap Association application docs
United Kingdom OpenStreetMap United Kingdom application docs

* Recently approved, signatures pending.

Local Chapter representative on the Advisory Board
Each formally established Local Chapter can have one representative on the Advisory Board that the OSMF Board of Directors can consult.

More information about Local Chapters

Local Chapters section on the OSMF website.

Becoming a Local Chapter
If you or your organisation are interested in the topic please see the resources below.

Please see the "Local Chapters and Communities Working Group" section, above.

Next Local Chapters Congress

On 21 November 2020, online. More information will be provided by the LCCWG - stay tuned.