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Applicant information

OpenStreetMap RDC
Operating title
Region or topic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Contact name
Claire Halleux
Contact email
Contact phone
Kept private
Registered place of business
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Subgroup within organization
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
Non-profit (and non-denominational) organization
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Corporate documents
Trade registry entry F92 (FR)
English translation for above F92 (EN)
Copy of articles association or similar file - FR. (27 pages, ~ 12.6 MB)
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Director information

Owners, if any: NA

Current Board members/Trustees/Officers:

  • Wenceslas Ntumba
  • Kapay Yongololo
  • Igerha Bampa
  • Rudy Prospère Kimvuidi Yala
  • Claire Halleux
  • Marc Mashawu
  • Deckas Ganza Mushamalirwa
  • Hugues Malamba
  • Christian Shadrack Wa-Mungu

Member count per 2020-09-07: 52

Financial information

Financial reports:
We don't have any formal ones yet. The association supported a local OSM mapping project relatively informally while in the process of finalizing registration and had received a HOT microgrant to help support the registration process back in 2017-2018 but we are missing an annual report about this. In 2019, there was no money involved outside of annual contributions received from some funding members, we got our bank account set up at the last quarter of 2019. It is also in 2019 that we formally opened our membership by sharing a form through which contributors could join the association, a financial report will be prepared for this year.

Regarding entree fees, since our registration in 2018 to now, we have in total recorded 190 USD that came from members. The first fees actually got deposited on our account in February 2020.

The amount so far deposited as fees for the year 2019 is 40USD, we only had 9 members which had their fees due at the time and only 4 of them completed payment. The five others are still expected to be paying them some day. Some are waiting for our mobile money payment to be effective which is something we are currently working on.

Tax returns:

Liability insurance:

  • No.
Intellectual property

Relevant intellectual property (OpenStreetMap, OSM, StateOfTheMap) registered by the applicant:

  • No intellectual property registration

Domain names:

  • openstreetmap.cd

Trademarks (please include classes):

  • No trademark.

Other exclusive rights: (company names, protected designs, patents of any kind etc):

  • None.
Consultation documents
Local consultation Link to local list message or other consultation:
OSMF member Link to osmf-talk@ message:
OSMF signed contract File link

Other information

Membership in or affiliations with other organisations (for example with the Wikimedia Foundation)
On membership
Our membership is open (free as of freedom) and payable, although we have a number of members which have never paid their fee and we have not fully decided yet how to proceed with this (either not allowing them to vote, or modifying our status in order to consider them as full members without payment). At the moment, OSM contributors in the DRC are basically becoming members by filling an online form. To fill in the form, they need to have a username, have contributed to OSM and be in the DRC. So far our Board has never rejected any membership.
On acronym
OSM RDC is our official acronym. We mentioned OSM CD since it was the one we used on Twitter from the beginning (cd is the iso-2 code for DRC).