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Applicant information

Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova
Operating title
Region or topic
Contact name
Besfort Guri
Contact email
Contact phone
Kept private
Registered place of business
Prishtina, Kosovo
Subgroup within organization
OSM Kosovo
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
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Basic contact information Above
Corporate documents
Trade registry entry FLOSSK - Registration Certificate SQ and EN.jpeg
Copy of articles association or similar .pdf file - SQ (4 pages, ~ 122 KB)
English translation for above .odt file - EN (~ 19 KB)
Logo FLOSSK - Logo.png
Director information

Owners, if any:

Current Board members/Trustees/Officers:

  • Arianit Dobroshi, Executive Board President
  • Besfort Guri, Board Member
  • Dian Fishekqi, Board member

Member count per 2020-01-20: 30

Financial information

Financial reports:

Budget was:
in 2019 - 107,694 EUR,
in 2018 - 80,780 EUR, and
in 2017 - 44,372 EUR.
Tax returns:

  • None.

Liability insurance:

  • None.
Intellectual property

Relevant intellectual property (OpenStreetMap, OSM, StateOfTheMap) registered by the applicant.

Domain names:

  • flossk.org,
  • sotmsee.org
  • osmkosovo.org

Trademarks (please include classes):
Other exclusive rights: (company names, protected designs, patents of any kind etc):

Consultation documents
Local consultation Link to local list message or other consultation

https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-kosovo/2020-August/000121.html (2020-08-24)

OSMF membership Link to osmf-talk@ message

https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2020-August/007179.html (2020-08-24)

OSMF signed contract File link

Other information

Membership in or affiliations with other organisations (for example with the Wikimedia Foundation)]
FLOSSK is an OSGEO chapter.
FLOSSK is sponsor of Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group.
On membership
"We accept everyone that applies. We have a form they sign so we collect their information. However, in order to be a member of good standing and be able to vote, we currently request that they have attended 4/6 bimonthly meetings in the previous 12 months. It's not very formal but has worked so far."
On application procedure
Every Wednesday we have open meetings where FLOSSK and Prishtina Hackerspace members gather together. This is the most common way of getting new members and promoting our organization. Then if they want to become a member we ask them to fill out the "Membership Form". Meetings currently are held online at meet.flossk.org (BigBlueButton server) due to Covid-19.
On communication channels
We use Telegram mostly: https://t.me/osmkosovo, we have also a mailing list but is not used as telegram, the mailing list is: talk-kosovo@openstreetmap.org.