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Applicant information

Swiss OpenStreetMap Association
Operating title
Swiss OpenStreetMap Association (SOSM)
Region or topic
Contact name
Simon Poole
Contact email
Registered place of business
Heitersbergstrasse 1, 8962 Bergdietikon, Switzerland
Subgroup within organization
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
See https://www.admin.ch/opc/en/classified-compilation/19070042/index.html#a60 a direct UK equivalant doesn't exist.
Item Link
Basic contact information Above
Corporate documents
Trade registry entry N/A
Translation for above N/A
Copy of articles association or similar
Swiss Statuten-de.pdf
Translation for above
Swiss Statuten-en.pdf
Logo No formal logo at this point in time
Director information Current Board members:

Pascal Mages (treasurer)
Patrick Stählin
Simon Poole (president)
Michael Spreng

Auditors: Arthur Bonino, Raphael Das Gupta

Financial information File link
Intellectual property Domains osm.ch, sosm.ch registered. No trademarks, but association name would likely be considered relevant if somebody tried to register a company with the same or similar name.
Consultation documents
Local consultation Link to local list message or other consultation
OSMF member Link to osmf-talk@ message
OSMF signed contract File link