Nominatim project 2020-07

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Sarah writes by email:


I expect to distribute this work on multiple supporters where OSMF could be one of them.

I'd say we set up a short term initial project to see how this works out for both sides. I'd suggest a 3-month run-time 50% work time contract. If set up in the next couple of months, then this would give me the time to get set up at the new freelance job and find more supporters elsewhere. I can offer OSMF a special community rate of 50EUR/h. So at 80h per month, that would be 3 * 4000 EUR.

Topic-wise, […] that leaves 'finish localization effords' and 'make software more user-friendly'. Given that neither fits in the time frame above, I would suggest that we define these two topics as the project goals worked on open-ended at best effort until the allotted time is up. I haven't explicitly listed community communication but part of the time would of course also be dedicated to making the work public to the community (most likely in blog format).


Detailed Time Estimate

Finish localization efforts (3 months)
support for extra tags for rank compution 1W
downvoting rank address to preserve admin ranking 2W
other programmatically solvable issues 2W
adapt addressing for 10 biggest countries 3W
localization of address output 4W
Make software more user-friendly (4 months)
improve docs wrt browser use 1W
switch to dotenv 1W
remove unused code 1W
switch utils to python 2W
switch web service to python 8W
add installation routines 2W
packaging 1W