Communication Working Group/Overview 2020 Jan to Aug

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CWG activities, 2020 January to August

Promotional material ~ 3414 stickers distributed

Promotional material programme

  • 950 stickers brought to FOSSGIS 2020 Conference, Germany (run by a Local Chapter)
  • Posted envelopes of stickers to people in: Portugal, USA (× 2), Poland, India, GermanyFebruary
  • 600 stickers sent to Latvia for SOTM Baltics 2020
  • 600 stickers sent to Rennes
  • 600 stickers sent to Czech Rep.
  • Posted envelopes of stickers to people in: USA (× 2), Spain, Italy, Latvia
  • 45 stickers distributed at the Karlsruhe Hack Weekend February 2020January
  • 600 stickers sent to the Philippines
  • Posted 6 to someone in USA
  • Posted 10 to someone in India

9 Featured images of the week showcased on the OSM wiki

Please see: Featured images of the week

~ 21 Blogposts published

of which 4 written by CWG (the rest proofread/enriched).

~ 28 Tweets/toots

Tweets are auto-published on Mastodon (Register at


Ilya is a CWG member, don't know if he considers the osmcards as something he did being a CWG member. For more information about osmcards, watch his State of the Map 2020 talk: Send me a postcard!

16 Images created/edited for blogposts/twitter

For attribution of specific components of the images, please see the blogposts.

Communication with journalist

Resulting in OSM mentioned in this article: Paths of desire: lockdown has lent a new twist to the trails we leave behind.

Translation related

Galician -not provided as a language by Wordpress- was added to the blog languages

5 blog posts already translated

69 translations provided in total for 17 blog posts

3 webpages translated in multiple languages

3 sticker translations

15 Volunteers who provided translations during Jan-Aug 2020

List possibly incomplete.

  • AL Redon Skikuli and Boris Budini
  • DE Christine Karch and Tobias Knerr
  • ES Eric Armijo
  • FR Georges Kuster and Marcel Bagani
  • GL Miguel Guisantes Alonso
  • IT Alessandro Sarretta
  • JA Nyampire
  • NL Georges Kuster
  • PL Mateusz Bartczak
  • PT-BR Eduardo Addad de Oliveira and Estela Sakihara
  • UK Andrey Golovin

News distribution

  • Blogposts are tweeted, and tweets are auto-published on Mastodon
  • Blogposts are also announced on language-specific channels on Telegram and recently on (low volume mailing list - register here) & forum.