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Date and time: Thursday 28 July 2022, 13:00 UTC - Countdown

The topics of the agenda will get locked one week before the meeting, on 2022-07-21.

Location: Video room
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Board members

  • Jean-Marc Liotier (chairing initially)
  • Guillaume Rischard (joined 2 mins after start, chairing after)
  • Mikel Maron
  • Amanda McCann
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Tobias Knerr

Officers and board

Minutes by Dorothea Kazazi.

Not Present

  • Eugene Alvin Villar


  • 9 guests

Open to all OpenStreetMap Foundation members (become a member, even for free if you are an active contributor).

You are welcome to ask questions or to comment (via voice or on the chat) at the end of the meeting.

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Previous minutes

  • 2022-06-30 To be approved on the August meeting, in order to check a vote.

Circular Resolutions

2022/Res15 Authorize an additional 200 hours for Dorothea on State of the Map working group tasks

Unanimously approved on 2022-07-21 with 7 votes in favour: Jean-Marc Liotier, Roland Olbricht, Amanda McCann, Guillaume Rischard, Tobias Knerr, Eugene Alvin Villar, Mikel Maron.

Circular by Mikel Maron.

Note on "additional":
The State of the Map working group had requested 200 hours of Dorothea's time in May 2022 for help with State of the Map tasks, such as those related to sponsors and travel grants. The request was approved.

2022/Res16 Operations Working Group's budget for 2022Q3 and 2022Q4

The board instructs the treasurer to accept and pay invoices up to the total sum of 154,829 EUR, the so-called "high option" from the OWG's budget plan.

Approved on 2022-07-25 with 6 votes in favour: Mikel Maron, Jean-Marc Liotier, Tobias Knerr, Amanda McCann, Eugene Alvin Villar, Roland Olbricht.
1 did not vote: Guillaume Rischard.

Circular by Roland Olbricht (Treasurer).

Action item updates

See osm:Foundation/Board_action_items.

OSM Foundation (OSMF) membership: Checking with lawyer about restrictions for minors becoming OSMF members

Related to the 2021-10-15 action item: Amanda to check to ask our pro-bono lawyer about any restrictions for minors becoming OSMF members.

Amanda McCann checked with the OSMF pro-bono lawyer - minors probably cannot become (Normal) OSMF members but might be able to become Associate members.

United Nations: Suggested OSM meeting/hackathon in the UN general assembly room (New York)

Related to the 2022-06-09 action item: Guillaume to post on about the suggestion to have an OSM meeting/hackathon in the UN general assembly room. Topic: OSMF participation in United Nations meeting on initiative regarding Open Source Software for sustainable development goals

  • The people at the United Nations meeting who suggested the hackathon to Guillaume Rischard (OSMF board) want to provide prizes around EUR 5000.
  • On the possibility of OSMF also providing prizes during the hackathon: Microgrants are better than hackathons, as they ensure that people hand a project and they know they will get something.

HOT trademark agreement

  • Tyler Radford (Humanitarian OSM Team) sent to Guillaume Rischard (OSMF board) another draft of the HOT trademark agreement which appears to not include what they have discussed.

Suggestion: Guillaume and Tyler to meet during the State of the Map 2022 conference to discuss.

On migration of content, initially from the OSM forum

  • Migration of the content from the old platform is a blocker on the progression on
  • Grant Slater (OSMF Senior Site Reliability Engineer) has been waiting for input by Christian Quest, who has scripts that could migrate 90% of the content, and who is busy.
  • It might make sense to not wait.

OSMF relocation

Related to the 2020-08-27 action item: Guillaume Rischard (with Jean-Marc Liotier, added on 2021-11-12) to have a call with a relocation lawyer and come back to the board with a proposal / circular resolution. Will also ask if it is possible to transfer the Contributor terms. Work restated on 2021-11-12

Jean-Marc Liotier mentioned need to schedule meeting and that he is available.

Local Chapter agreement and commercial activities

Related to the 2022-02-26 and 27 action item: Jean-Marc Liotier to write up a proposal for the minimum local chapter criteria before the March 24 board meeting. Will be supported by Eugene. [Session: Local Chapter minimum criteria (including formalisation/clarification on commercial activities)]

Jean-Marc Liotier to restart work on redrafting the Local Chapter agreement to include a section on Local Chapter (LC) commercial activities.

Fundraising: attend workshop

Related to the 2022-02-26 and 27 action item: Guillaume Rischard, Mikel Maron and Roland Olbricht to attend an AspirationTech seminar on fundraising. 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting

The fundraising workshop, which is offered by Aspiration to OSMF board members for free, will be a multi-week workshop.

Major donors: talk to them about their preferred cycles to request donations

Related to the 2021-10-29 action item: Mikel Maron to reach out to major donors and find out their preferred cycles to request donations and communicate with Guillaume.


VAT registration in Italy for State of the Map 2022: Talk to OSM Italia

Related to the 2022-05-23 action item: Roland Olbricht to contact OSM Italia (the OSM Local Chapter in Italy) about registering for VAT there.


  • Timing issues, so OSMF paid a third party for registering an Italian VAT number.
  • Have to work out how to do the reports, until after State of the Map (SotM) 2022, when we will cancel the Italian VAT number.

Budget committee

Related to the 2022-02-26 and 27 action item: Roland Olbricht to get the budget committee up and running. [Session: Budget] 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting

Suggestion by Treasurer: not have a budget committee. Rationale:

  • Long term planning: fits with the mission of the fundraising committee.
  • Short term planning: Covered by regular meeting of treasurer, ex-Treasurer and accountant.
  • Big budget items are/will be covered by board circulars, such as the budget suggested by the
and in the future the Engineering Working Group (EWG) budget.

Points mentioned during discussion

Additional suggestions

  • Schedule workshops for the budget committee, as board members are productive while doing things synchronously.
  • Rename the fundraising committee and expand its remit, to include work on the budget, as an overlapping set of people is involved.
  • Split discussions on mid-month board chat (not open to observers), for information which is not to be shared, and the rest to be on the fundraising committee.

Action item: Mikel Maron to rename the fundraising committee to "finance committee" and expand its scope to include budgeting.

Treasurer's report

VAT registration

  • UK: OSMF has passed the income threshold and has now registered for VAT. Michelle Heydon (OSMF accountant) has asked for input from a tax expert, who confirmed that is was necessary to registered.
  • Italy: We have registered for VAT in Italy and it will be canceled after State of the Map 2022 (in Florence and online).

When we registered for VAT for the State of the Map conference in Milan, in 2018, we ended getting money back, as we spent a lot on the venue and catering.

Action item: Roland Olbricht to register for VAT for the State of the Map 2023 earlier, as it needs a lot of work and there are delays.


  • 40 emails exchanged with Google, due to 1) change of OSMF bank account, 2) change of OSMF treasurer and 3) Google's change in processes.
  • Google paid outstanding bill from last year.
  • Google probably also paid their State of the Map 2022 sponsorship in July.


Suggestion: To be split in fundraising for long term, and updates during mid-month board chat (not open to observers).

Advisory Board - monthly update

Action item: Amanda McCann to organise a meeting of the directors with the Advisory Board members.

Presentation by Mapbox Workers Union

Question by Amanda McCann (board): There is an overlap of union busting and taking over the OSMF. Can any tips be provided?

> Be wary of repurposing language, that is liberal-oriented towards words such as freedom and choice, leading people to vote against their interests.

Guest comments or questions

No comments or questions.

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Meeting adjourned 50' after start.