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Date and time: Thursday 25 August 2022, 13:00 UTC - Countdown

The topics of the agenda got locked one week before the meeting, on 2022-08-18.

Location: Video room
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Board members

  • Eugene Alvin Villar
  • Guillaume Rischard (Chairing)
  • Jean-Marc Liotier
  • Mikel Maron
  • Amanda McCann
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Tobias Knerr

Officers and board

Minutes by Dorothea Kazazi.

Not Present


Open to all OSMF members.

  • 4 guests.

You are welcome to ask questions or to comment (via voice or on the chat) at the end of the meeting.

  • Please mute your microphone when you join, and to preserve bandwidth, refrain from turning on your webcam.
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Previous minutes

Circular Resolutions

2022/Res17 Update Fundraising Committee to Finance Committee

Expand remit of Fundraising Committee to include budgeting, and change name to Finance Committee with the following Charter:

The Finance Committee gathers financial needs from across OSMF, forecasts budget requirements, develops the strategy for raising funds, maintains donor relationships and coordinates implementation of fundraising plans, and tracks actual spend.

The Finance Committee is open to members external to the Board, in addition to Board members. External members are approved by the OSMF Board. Some portion of the Finance Committee work may be limited to Board members only.

The Committee will communicate among themselves and meet periodically. The Committee will communicate its activities and results in the Treasurer's report at the OSMF Annual General Meeting, maintain minutes of meetings, and may share additional communication about its work from time to time.

What we do


  • Take a multiyear perspective on budget requirements
  • Gather budget needs annually, and on request, from OSMF Working Groups, the Personnel Committee and the Board
  • Assess needs against available funds, and arrange for approval of budgets by Board
  • Regularly track actual spend


  • Set fundraising targets inline with operational budget set by OSMF Board.
  • Develop fundraising pitch and materials.
  • Maintain relationships with our funders.
  • Organize fundraising drives targeting community members and supporters.
  • Investigate and pursue diversification of funding sources.
  • Coordinate fundraising with other entities in the OSM ecosystem.

Approved on 2022-08-16 with 6 votes in favour: Jean-Marc Liotier, Guillaume Rischard, Tobias Knerr, Eugene Alvin Villar, Roland Olbricht, Mikel Maron.
1 abstained: Amanda McCann.

Circular by Mikel Maron.

Action item updates

See osm:Foundation/Board_action_items.

Local Chapters - Minimum criteria to become one

Related to the 2022-02 action item: Jean-Marc to write up a proposal for the minimum local chapter criteria before the March 24 board meeting. Will be supported by Eugene. Board screen-to-screen 2022-02 session: Local Chapter minimum criteria (including formalisation/clarification on commercial activities).

  • Discussion during the State of the Map 2022 conference with members of aspiring Local Chapters (LCs).
  • Progress on question about the ability of Local Chapters to fund themselves and limits which might be put on commercial activities.
  • Agreement on that it is important the Local Chapters to have a stream of income to fund activities.
  • Any Local Chapter activity must be in accordance to the social goals of the Foundation: promotion of the OpenStreetMap project, revolving around OSM data and open data.

Next step: Formalise unwritten rules regarding Local Chapters' acceptance with clear criteria. Expand the document on minumum required criteria on the Foundation's website.

United Nations suggested OSM meeting/hackathon

Related to the 2022-06 action item: Guillaume to post on about the suggestion to have an OSM meeting/hackathon in the UN general assembly room.

  • People in United Nations want to have a hackathon with a prize of EUR 5,000.
  • Guillaume Rischard is going to meet them and might propose something in microgrant format as everyone who works in OSM should be rewarded and it should not be up to a jury to decide.

Working Groups - Documenting practices/“rules of order"

Related to the 2019-05-18 action item: Mikel to document Working Group, draft Working Group “rules of order".

  • Working Groups are currently working well.
  • Request for the action item to be removed.

On Membership Working Group
The Membership Working Group (MWG) is a bit dormant.

Suggestion: make a call for volunteers.

Membership prerequisites

Related to the 2022-06-30 action item: Tobias to take steps on running the survey regarding the members' feedback on membership prerequisites' changes by the board, including contacting Allan Mustard and preparing an online collaborative document with the survey questions to share them with the board.

The email to the osmf-talk mailing list about the membership prerequisites survey is ready. (Post-meeting note: Read it here).

Software Dispute Resolution panel for iD editor

Related to the 2022-02-10 action item: Tobias to start the public consultation of to update the membership about the status of the software dispute resolution panel.

  • Email to membership ready.

Points mentioned during discussion

  • The software dispute resolution panel (SDRP) might act as a safeguard against bad behaviour, even if it doesn't do anything.
  • Reevaluation of SDRP was supposed to be in January 2022 and it was planned to involve a community discussion.

Suggestions and comments

  • Suggestion to invite other projects to join SDRP, on a voluntary basis.
    • The board has sent two inquiries to the SDRP, including if they are willing to get involved with the OSM-Carto project, and there was no reply.
    • Perhaps the SDRP is not interested in being involved with other projects.
    • The SDRP probably cannot handle a significant load of cases.
  • The board to share its opinion with the membership.
    • Board members do not share the same opinion. Better to ask the membership for feedback and base the board's opinion on that.
  • Share the thoughts of the board members with the membership.
    • Board members can participate in discussions with the members representing themselves - they do not have to speak for the whole board.

Opt-in to pseudonymous membership lists during OSMF signup

Related to the 2022-02-26 and 27 action item: Tobias to check with the Membership Working Group about opt-in to pseudonymous membership lists during OSMF signup. See: On publishing pseudonymous membership lists [Session: De-bottlenecking the board]

Tied with the implementation of the membership prerequisites, but lower priority.

Treasurer's report

Discussion deferred but please see the approval of the 2021 financial account at the end of this meeting.

Initial State of the Map 2022 report

The board had again an "ask us anything" session.

On the board's ask us anything session

  • Positive feedback from people about the board's work.
  • Questions to the board included topics such as,
    • Board diversity
    • Strategic plan
    • Board's work
    • Commercial uses of OSM
    • Finances

The State of the Map 2022 recordings are being processed.

On board diversity

Suggestions to increase board diversity

  • Mentorship support by board members during the year before the election to people from groups under-represented in the board (who might be interested to run as candidates).
  • Ask and encourage people to run for the board.
  • Outline that the board needs people with various skills.
  • Remind people that with the current voting system, even if you stand for election, you don't take away votes from others.

On reasons for current status of (non) board diversity

  • Self-selection factors, outside of the board's control: people need time and perhaps resources to be board members.
  • Some people prefer to be involved with activities related to their profession.
  • Not feeling comfortable/competent to run for the board.
  • Marginalised people suffer from internalised imposter syndrome.

Other points mentioned

  • Being visible from people from groups under-represented in the board helps.
  • Comment during SotM that people are elected because they are technical.

Other suggestions

  • People should get involved with the OSMF first, before becoming board candidates.

Link shared during the meeting: State of the Map 2022 presentation by Florian Lainez: How to kill OSM.

Responding to requests for license enforcement

Suggested by Tobias Knerr.

The board received an email from a community member regarding licence enforcement for one of the OSMF Corporate Members that does not comply with the attribution guidelines.

  • The board has not pressed on the issue of attribution in the last months.
  • Nothing blocking the board for reminding data users about the required attribution.
  • There is an action item for Guillaume Rischard to have a talk with a representative of the OSMF Corporate Members that shows attribution by clicking on the (i) and not as mentioned in the attribution guidelines.
  • It is a Licensing Working Group (LWG) matter but the LWG has asked the board to do handle the issue, as the company is a Corporate Member and it is a sensitive matter.


  • Respond to community member's email.
  • Guillaume asked if any board member wanted to take over his action item (no response).
  • Push the action item back to the LWG.

Vote on motion to include Amanda and Mikel in the discussion - approved

Amanda McCann mentioned that she has a conflict of interest* and cannot participate in the discussion, unless the board votes otherwise. Mikel Maron as well.

* Board conflict of interest policy.

Additional suggestions

Action items

  • Amanda McCann to plan a meeting of the board with the Advisory Board representatives on the attribution guidelines and enforcement.
  • Guillaume Rischard to respond to the community member's email.

Advisory Board - monthly update

Action item: Amanda McCann to plan a meeting of the board with the Advisory Board representatives on the attribution guidelines and enforcement. (See the topic above).

Monthly presentation

Presenter not set.

Any other business

Approval of financial accounts for year ending 2021-12-31

Discussed during the action item updates and the "any other business" section.

  • Guillaume Rischard was the Treasurer for most of 2021.
  • There was a question about accounting the funds to iD developer.

Funded work on projects used in core infrastructure (Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch, iD)

Clarifications requested on the categories which include the expenses on iD developer, Nominatim, Potlatch and PGSQL (see filed linked below).

  • Potlatch: is under "Grants Issued".
  • iD: under Contractors.


Next meetings

Open board meetings take place online once a month, usually on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month, at 13:00 UTC.

See the Monthly Board meetings page to find out where board meetings are announced and for a subscription link to have future board meetings automatically added to your calendar.

Meeting adjourned 60' after start.