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The OSMF is in the process of setting up a network of national and regional chapters.

Local Chapters are country-level or region-level not-for-profit legal entities representing the area's OSM mappers and OSM data when dealing with local government, business, and media. They are recognised by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF), allowing them to use the OpenStreetMap marks, and each can have a representative on the OpenStreetMap Foundation's Advisory Board. There are no thematic local chapters at the moment.

Becoming a Local Chapter

If you or your organisation are interested in the topic please check the links below and contact the Secretary, at secretary@osmfoundation.org, with any questions.

Current Local Chapter applications

Current applications are listed here.

Mailing list

The Local Chapters mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of topics and issues of interest to the Local Chapters of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, as well as those groups interested in becoming a Local Chapter.

Established Local Chapters

So far we have the following formally established 18 foundation Local Chapters (LCs):

Region Name of Local Chapter (LC) LC application Acceptance date Signing the LC agreement: Year-month Presentation during board meeting
Argentina Asociación Civil Geolibres application docs 2020-08-27 2020-11
Austria OpenStreetMap Austria application docs 2022-04-28 2022-08 during State of the Map 2022-05 presentation
Belgium OpenStreetMap Belgium application docs 2024-01-25 Pending.
Czechia OpenStreetMap Česká republika z.s. application docs 2020-02-27 2020-07
Democratic Republic of Congo OpenStreetMap RDC application docs 2020-11-19 2021-03
France OpenStreetMap France application docs 2017-07-18 2017-07
Germany OpenStreetMap Deutschland / FOSSGIS application docs 2017-12-04 2018-01 2020-08 presentation
Iceland OpenStreetMap á Íslandi application docs 2015-01-12 2015-01 2020-05 presentation (100 KB, .pdf) and comments
Ireland OpenStreetMap Ireland CLG application docs 2019-09-15 2019-09 during State of the Map 2020-11
Italy OpenStreetMap Italia application docs 2015-12-19 2016-01 2020-04 presentation
Japan 一般社団法人オープンストリートマップ・ファウンデーション・ ジャパン (OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan) application docs 2021-03-26 2021-02
Kosovo Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova application docs 2020-09-24 2020-11-10 2020-10 presentation (2.42 MB, 10 pages, .pdf)
Oceania OSGEO Oceania application docs 2020-08-27 2020-12-07
Page with note [1] requested by the OSMF board.
Poland Stowarzyszenie OpenStreetMap Polska application docs 2021-03-26 2021-03 2023-02 presentation
Slovakia Freemap Slovakia application docs 2021-01-29 2021-02
Switzerland Swiss OpenStreetMap Association application docs 2016-02-13 2016-09 during State of the Map
United Kingdom OpenStreetMap United Kingdom application docs 2017-06-20 2017-08 during State of the Map 2021-01 presentation (560 KB, 12 pages, .pdf)
United States OpenStreetMap United States Inc. application docs 2020-09-24 2021-02

[1] "Note, while OSGeo Oceania is currently the recognised local chapter in the region, we are fully supportive of other groups that may form in Oceania with the intent of becoming a local chapter. One example would be a national entity that determines their interests would better represented as an independent local chapter. If this was to occur, OSGeo Oceania would be fully supportive and will not claim to speak for groups who do not wish to be represented."

Local Chapter representative on the Advisory Board
Each formally established Local Chapter can have one representative on the Advisory Board that the OSMF Board of Directors can consult.

Current Local Chapter representatives on the Advisory Board (together with Bronze to Platinum Corporate Member representatives) are listed here.

Past Local Chapters

Annual reports and updated bylaws

See Reports and chapter changes.

Notes from Local Chapter Congresses or meetings