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Applicant information

OpenStreetMap Austria
Operating title
Region or topic
Contact name
Markus Mayr
Contact email
scubbx@openstreetmap.at, vorstand@openstreetmap.at
Contact phone
Registered place of business
1180 Vienna, Schopenhauerstraße 59/4, Austria
Subgroup within organization
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
„OpenStreetMap Austria“ is a so-called „Verein“. The official explanation is given here. Since no english version of this site is available, we have translated the explanation ourselfes: „A 'Verein' is a voluntary and long-term association based on statuaries. It must consist of at least 2 persons which follow a specific ideational target.“

Status Table

Item Link Date
Basic contact information Above 2021-12-26
Corporate documents
Trade registry entry Trade registry (63 KB, 2 pages) 2021-12-26
English translation for above Trade registry in English (58 KB, 2 pages) 2021-12-26
Copy of articles association or similar Copy of articles association (132 KB, 9 pages) 2021-12-26
English translation for above English translation of articles association (59 KB, 6 pages) 2021-12-26
Logo OSM-AT logo.png 2021-12-26
Director information

Owners, if any: none

Current Board members/Trustees/Officers:

  • Markus Mayr, chairman
  • Stephan Bösch-Plepelits, vice-chairman
  • Robert Kaiser, treasurer
  • Norbert Wenzel, secretary

Member count (per 2021-09-26):

Financial information

Financial statements:

OSM-AT financial report numbers EN.pdf

Tax returns: None.

Liability insurance: None.

Intellectual property

Relevant intellectual property (OpenStreetMap, OSM, StateOfTheMap) registered by the applicant: None

Domain names: www.openstreetmap.at

Trademarks: None.

Other exclusive rights (company names, protected designs, patents of any kind etc): None.

Consultation documents
Local consultation https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=75067 2022-03-06
OSMF members' consultation https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2022-March/008306.html 2022-03-06
LC signed contract
OSMF signed contract