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Minutes for the OSMF Board Meeting
Location: Mumble, 18:00 London time, 8 January 2016


Board members

  • Peter Barth
  • Kate Chapman
  • Martijn van Exel
  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Ilya Zverev


Not Present


Previous minutes

Board/Minutes/2015-12-12 Accepted

Circular Resolutions

2015/10: Support DWG resolution to ban PeterDRS

Accepted 2015-12-18 with ultimately 7 votes in favour.

Support the DWG proposed resolution circulated, attached below

The OSMF Data Working Group has decided to continue blocking all OSM accounts and, where applicable and within reach for OSMF, mailing list and forum access belonging to PeterDRS (from Dresden, Germany). The currently affected user names are “PeterDRS”, “Kakaner”, “Darvoon”, “Freshmde”, “Ruhrseekatze”, “Faith-Pritzwalk”, and “OfficialRequest” and the list may include other usernames as they are discovered or are created.

These accounts were originally blocked until the end of 2015 due to intimidation of other users and DWG members (

In the mean time, PeterDRS has not only continued his offensive behaviour, but has also written and circulated an email where offered money for the murder of a fellow mapper, resulting in a police inquiry.

This unprecedented level of hostility has absolutely no place in OSM, and DWG will assist the German authorities in compiling facts about the case if requested. PeterDRS will remain banned from OSM with no right of appeal or reconsideration until any police investigations, court proceedings, or other legal matters about this or related matters involving him have been completed.

The user's name has been replaced with their alias because the user in question has permanently left the project.

2015/11: Accept Italian Local Chapter application

Accepted 2015-12-19 with ultimately 4 votes in favour and 1 against.

2016/01: Accept Steve Coast's resignation as CE

Accepted 2015-01-05 with ultimately 4 votes in favour and 2 abstentions.

We accept Steve's decision to resign as a CE. We wish it would have been under different circumstances. Steve is the founder of this project and has played an invaluable role in conceiving and growing OSM. For that, he commands our respect and gratitude.

Previous action items

2015-06-15: Martijn to follow up on status of sending email to those who signed up at SOTM US
2015-08-22: Frederik to resend admin assistant docs to board (Done)
2015-12-12: Kate to have Henk set up read access for all board members on CiviCRM (Done)
2015-12-12: Ilya to add useful information from Paul and Frederik's introduction emails to new board member primer (Done)
2015-12-12: Kate to start page on board wiki on what we would like to accomplish at a potential F2F
2015-12-12: Paul to create circular on Italian LC application after giving everyone a chance to read the documents (Done)
2015-12-12: Peter to write a blog article related to new board stuff
2015-12-12: Martijn to organize trial experiment with Github
2015-12-12: Paul to collect appointment form information. (Done)

Admin assistant docs

Mikel to review docs that were sent.

Non-board access to board list

From last meeting

Steve has access to board@ as chairman emeritus. Michael Collinson had access as management team chair, but the wiki page might be outdated now. We had discussed removing access last year, but it never came to conclusions. As CE, Steve is invited to board meetings Paul to put non-board access to mailing list on agenda for next meeting, and check if Michael Collinson still has access.

Both Steve and Michael have access to board@. I thought we had revoked Michael's access when we disbanded the Management Team, but it may have been overlooked or not considered.


  • Oliver is on unused officers@ group
  • Henk is on unused articles@ group
  • Henk and Oliver are on mechandise@ group
  • Henk and Michael are only users on membership@ group

Paul to forward first 3 to board.

Membership list inquiries

The foundation has to supply the register of members to inspection upon request, and do so within 5 days or apply to the court. To fail to do so is an offense[1]. Our AoA imposes a similar obligation for a register of associate members, except it states a "reasonable time" for requests by members or associate members, and "any time" for requests by board members.[2]

Historically, we have failed at this, with board members being unable to get a copy of the registers in a timely manner. Now that membership information is under CiviCRM, how are we going to handle this? Our obligation to board members is handled by the board members having CiviCRM access, but this doesn't take care of requests from members.

Historically the membership administration was done by the secretary until Henk stopped being secretary, then the new position of membership secretary was created.

Given we have to supply list, should we make it public? Decided not to, as there's a difference between making public and supplying.

Paul to take on setting up membership WG.

Henk continues to have access during transition and may be interested in joining the WG.

PeterDRS case

Discussion about a lawsuit brought against Frederik Ramm.

LWG budget

LWG has sent in budget request.

Last year, overall budget not really considered, and WGs given about half what they requested.

Main costs in LWG budget are

  • Trademark registration costs
  • Trademark legal fees
  • Possible external council

Items are covered by existing LWG workplan.

Future trademark costs are substantially less than initial registration, and both are cheaper than needing a trademark and not having one.


How do we expect to hear from the LWG? How is OSMF approaching partnerships with organizations when it comes to legal questions?

There are already contacts between LWG and other organizations.

When WGs have something to communicate with the board, they send it to the board. LWG has been proactive on this and sends a fair amount.

Overall budget is okay, and some parts of last year's budget are unspent.

  • Todo: Frederik to ask WGs for budgets.
  • Todo: Frederik to ask Simon for details on immediate budget needs.
  • Todo: Paul to ask all WGs to make sure their work plans are up to date.

Next meeting

in feb 5-14, add 29th jan and other fridays in range

Meeting End

11:35 Pacific