Monthly Board Meetings/Presentations

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OSM-related presentations during public board meetings.


The presentations are 10 minute 'lightning talks' given towards the end of the monthly meetings of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board. The audience is the Board members as well as the OSM community members who have attended the meeting. Board meetings are open to all OSM Foundation members but attendance varies between five and twenty members. Following the presentation there is a five minute time-slot for questions and comments from the audience.

The presenter should present video using a link to the conference software used by the Board. The conferencing software allows screen sharing so presenters normally use presentation apps to display content. The presenter will also normally make a copy of the presentation available to the Board.

The Board administrator will be available in the meeting space from 20 minutes before the start of the meeting for presenters to test and practice connecting and presenting. Having prepared the presenter will need to wait for 45 minutes to an hour for the meeting to reach the presentation item on the agenda.

Selection: The selection of the invited parties is currently done by board members. If you are interested in presenting, please send an email to

Historic: The OSMF Advisory Board has representatives of Gold/Platinum Corporate Members and Local Chapters. In 2020 the board of Directors started having separate hourly discussions with Gold Corporate Member representatives and inviting Local Chapter representatives to give ten minute presentations during the public board meetings. Currently, monthly presentations are not restricted to Local Chapters.

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