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Page for agenda and draft minutes.

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Date and time: Thursday 25 July, 13:30 UTC - Countdown

Location: Video room
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Officers and board


Open to all OSM Foundation members. (Become a member of the Foundation, even for free if you are an active OSM contributor)

You are welcome to ask questions or to comment (via voice or on the chat) at the end of the meeting.

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Approval of previous minutes

Circular Resolutions

2024/Res29 Budget amendment: MWG and DWG volunteer engagement, MWG personnel

The board resolves to add three budget lines to the 2024 budget: 100 each for Data Working Group (DWG) and Membership Working Group (MWG) volunteer engagement; 4000 for personnel for MWG (CiviCRM consulting).

Unanimously approved on 2024-07-04 with 7 votes in favour: Craig Allan, Daniela Waltersdorfer, Mateusz Konieczny, Roland Olbricht, Sarah Hoffmann, Guillaume Rischard, Arnalie Vicario (Still waiting for MWG's response for exact amount and plan for CiviCRM consulting. We can amend the budget if it fall short. Sharing general scope of work/fix as shared by MWG for transparency: i) active contributor plugin ii) auto renewal iii) Update of php)

Circular by Guillaume Rischard.

Note by Dorothea: Here is the 2024 OSMF budget, as approved on 2024-02-29.

2024/Res30 Make Vector Tile contract delegation explicit

The board confirms that Adam Hoyle is declared the designated representative of the Company's Engineering Working Group. As such he is entitled to extend the ceiling of the contract with Paul to any limit not higher than to 68 days (i.e. 68*7=476 hours).

Voting closing on 22 July 20241

Circular by Roland Olbricht.

1 Note by Dorothea: The closing date was extended by Roland by one week, after request. Please see $7.4 of the Board rules of order.

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