Sponsorship distribution agreement for local SotM

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The OpenStreetMap Foundation will work with local State of the Map event organisers to accept and pass on sponsorship funds.

For organisers of local State of the Map events, it can be a large burden to get access to corporate procurement systems in order to arrange payment of sponsorships. It is also a burden for points of contacts at companies to facilitate this process, and makes for a more complicated budgeting and approval process.

The OSM Foundation has completed the procurement system sign up process for several corporate members. OSMF is already in contact with corporate members on funding through membership, event sponsorship and donation campaigns. Consolidated requests open the opportunity for more approved fundraising requests across local chapters and communities

Download and fill template file

Download template file here (file size: 42 KB, filetype: *.odt)

Requests received



Event Name: __________________________________________
Main purpose of the event: ____________________________________________
Host organisation/group/individual: ___________________________
Venue & location: ________________________________________

The OpenStreetMap Foundation, (“OSMF”) will act as intermediary upon request by _____________________ (“you”, “Local Event organiser”) to receive and transfer sponsorship funds for _______________ (“the event”) for any potential sponsor organisation subject to the requirements in this agreement.

The OSMF will act as intermediary under the following conditions:

Allowed use of marks

The event is approved to be organised under the OSMF marks for a conference, specifically the "State of the Map" and "SOTM" marks. Make sure to check whether you need a licence at all. You can read more about why we need to licence the OSMF marks here and read the FAQs for more information.

Taxes and transaction fees

The Local Event organiser is responsible for any transaction fees or tax implications as a result of transferring the funds.

Overhead costs

There is an administrative burden at the OSMF to arrange and process the sponsorship funds. To cover these costs, OSMF will require a 5% overhead to process these funds.

Local event organiser requirements

The Local Event organiser needs to have a receiver who has a registered local legal entity in good standing with a bank account that can manage international wires.

Sponsorship partner requirements

The sponsoring organisation is already known to the OSMF and the OSMF is already present in the organisations’ procurement system or the OSMF has received funds from the organisation before. The sponsor is contributing as a sponsor to the local event at least in one of the top-3 of the sponsorship tiers, and has also previously contributed to the OSMF as a corporate member or global State of the Map in one of the top-3 sponsorship tiers.

Sponsorship agreement and responsibilities

The local event organiser provides a sponsorship agreement or sponsorship package that determines what sponsors receive for their sponsorship and what the sponsors have to commit to for predetermined sponsorship levels. This agreement is reviewed by the OSMF and the local event organiser together when making this agreement and is attached to it. The OSMF commits itself to the same responsibilities as stated in the sponsorship agreement with the sponsor under their agreed sponsorship level, the local event organiser in turn commits to these same responsibilities with the OSMF.


When requesting sponsorship via the OSMF under this agreement the following procedure must be followed:

  • The Local Event organiser informs the OSMF on the sponsorship tiers along with details of the event and budget.
  • The Local Event organiser informs the OSMF of potential sponsorship partners or the OSMF suggests a potential partner to the Local Event organiser

For each potential sponsor:

  • Initial contact with a sponsor can happen by either the OSMF or by the Local Event organiser directly:
    • If the Local Event organiser is already in contact with a confirmed sponsor that is known to the OSMF, the Local Event organiser will bring the sponsor in contact with the OSMF to start the rest of this procedure.
    • The OSMF confirms directly with the sponsor. At the discretion of the OSMF this can be as part of a bigger funding request.
  • A sponsorship amount, level or tier is determined by the Local Event organiser, OSMF and sponsors together.
  • The OSMF will invoice the sponsor or request funds, potentially as part of a larger funding request, from the sponsor for at least the full amount as defined in the agreed sponsorship tier.
  • Upon receiving the funds, and receipt of an invoice from the local event organiser, the OSMF will forward the received funds no later than 14 days after having received the invoice. The OSMF subtracts a 5% overhead fee before transferring the funds to the Local Chapter.

Financial reporting

The Local Event organiser shall provide OSMF with regular financial reports on the conference budget and funding status.

These reports shall be provided on the following schedule:

Initial conference budget within 30 days of signing this agreement; Monthly budget updates within 15 days after the end of each month; Final post-conference financial report within 60 days of conclusion of the event. The reports shall include an accounting of all funds received, expenses paid, current sponsor commitments, and updated forecasts of expected revenues and costs. This will allow OSMF to monitor the budget status and loan repayment prospects.

Choice of Law

The law of the United Kingdom, without giving effect to its principles of conflicts of law, governs all adversarial proceedings arising out of this agreement.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes shall first be submitted to mediation. Mediation is to be conducted before a certified mediator agreed by the parties or in the absence of agreement appointed by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. Each party will contribute one half of the costs of the mediator. Upon completion of good faith mediation and certification of an impasse by the mediator, any remaining unresolved disputes shall be submitted to binding arbitration. The arbitration will be conducted under the laws of the United Kingdom and in accordance with the rules of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). The arbitration panel shall consist of one arbitrator mutually agreed upon by the parties, or if no agreement can be reached, the arbitrator shall be appointed by the LCIA. The arbitration process shall take place in London, England and the language of the proceedings shall be English. The arbitral award shall be final and binding on both parties.

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