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Date and time: Thursday 28 March, 13:30 UTC - Countdown

Location: Video room
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  • [14'] Arnalie Vicario
  • [10'] Craig Allan
  • [00'] Dani Waltersdorfer (messages via text)
  • [07'] Guillaume Rischard (Chairing)
  • [02'] Mateusz Konieczny
  • [03'] Roland Olbricht
  • [04'] Sarah Hoffmann

*Includes time when the microphone was activated due to noise.

Officers and board


  • 12 guests, including Letwin Pondo (Presenter)

Open to all OSM Foundation members. (Become a member of the Foundation, even for free if you are an active OSM contributor)

You are welcome to ask questions or to comment (via voice or on the chat) at the end of the meeting.

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Secretary's report

My monthly Secretaries report is a review of some of the workstreams on our issue tracker. It doesn't cover everything but I hope to give members an idea of what has been keeping the Board busy over the last month.


Issue 597:
Our Meta funding is still under negotiation. I’ll remind you that Meta owns Facebook and WhatsApp. Meta is one of our biggest donors; so this an important process. At this time draft contracts are circulating but none have been finalised. We hope to be able to make an announcement on this in the next month.

Planned face-to-face board meeting

Issue 559:
We are planning the Board face-to-face meeting. This Board will meet face to face for the first time on the last weekend of April. We‘ll be meeting in Frankfurt, which was chosen because it is central and minimises travel costs. We have secured Allen Gunn, aka ‘Gunner’ as our facilitator.

Occasional face to face meetings are very important for the Board members. There is a lot of body language and nuance that gets lost in text chat and endless video meetings. Personal contact between Board members will really help to improve our working relationships.

OSMF move to the EU

Issue 271:
The work continues on moving out of the UK and into the EU. Sarah is investigating the Belgium option and Guillaume has recently met with a lawyer in Luxembourg to discuss the pro’s and con’s of establishment of OpenStreetMap in that country. Luxembourg and Belgium remain the two strong contenders for our new location.

Enquiry from Municipality of Santa Fe, Argentina about contributing street names

Issue 595:
Some correspondence. The Municipality of Santa Fe, Argentina contacted us with a view to contributing street names in their city to our database and using OSM as a base map for their web site mapping. It’s great that so many government agencies use OSM in their daily operations.

Member's question about December 2023 emergency board meeting and mid-month chats

Issue 588:
You may remember that at the last Board meeting there was a two part question from the audience about the emergency meeting we held in December and about mid-month chat meetings.

The first part of the question was whether the emergency meeting was legitimate according to the Articles of Association and rules of order.

The answer is Yes. The meeting was compliant with the Articles of Association and was compliant with the Rules of Order except for point 6.3 which requires the membership to be informed of a Board meeting one week in advance. That one week notice period was waived by agreement of the majority of board members as it was truly necessary to hold an emergency meeting without any delay.

On the second part of the question, on whether mid-month Board chat meetings are legitimate Board meetings.

Well, for this one, the answer is no. Mid-month Board chat meetings are informal discussions not formal Board meetings. They fall outside the Articles of Association and the Rules of Order. There is usually a list of things we want to discuss but we don't follow formal procedure and no resolutions are considered during the meetings.

Board's participation in Wikimedia East and Southeast Asia conference

Issue 563
We are still working on presenting a talk at the Wikimedia East and Southeast Asia conference in May. Speakers have been finalised. This is part of a move by the OSM Foundation to build better relationships with the Wikimedia movement.

2024 membership drive

Issue 440
There has been a recent push to increase the registration of new members of the Foundation, especially from the global south, which has been seriously under- represented in foundation membership. Arnalie Vicario has been pushing hard on this project.

New budgets and procurement Policy (layered spending)

Issue 570
On finance, we have created and put in place a new policy for buying goods and services which has a number of internal controls that were previously missing.

This is now being supplemented with a much more explicit policy (or guidance document) on hiring contractors. Our contractors are typically software developers. These policies are part of our push to make the foundation more professional and more efficient, and in the process we are mitigating reputational and financial risks.

SotM Europe 2024 branding and upcoming regional SotMs

Issue 560
We had correspondence with the organisers of the State of the Map Europe about their branding, and I mention it here because this will apply to all regional State of the Map conferences.

State of the Map conferences must use the local area name, in this case EU, in the name of their conference, so that it is clear that they are a regional conference, not the global State of the Map conference.

Staying on that, I have just signed approvals for the use of OSM branding at five upcoming State of the Map conferences. Madagascar in April, Europe will meet in July , State of the Map Nigeria in October, State of the Map Rwanda in November and State of the Map Latin America will meet in Brazil in December, The global State of the Map conference will be in September, in Nairobi.

2024 board election

And lastly, Issue 589:
We are planning for the annual general meeting of the Foundation to be held in October this year, to separate the important budget development and approval ​ process from the disruptions we always have around the elections. This means that the elections process will begin a few months earlier this year.

That report doesn’t cover everything that has been happening, but I hope it gives an idea.

Treasurer's report

Draft minutes to be added.

OSMF's move to the EU

Draft minutes to be added.

Local Chapters and Communities congress

Draft minutes to be added.

OSMF membership campaign

Draft minutes to be added.

Wikimedia East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ESEAP) conference and travel

Draft minutes to be added.

Board liaison for working groups

Vote to appoint board liaisons for Working Groups (Approved)

Motion to appoint the proposed board liaisons as listed.

Proposal after modification:

Working Group Board liaison Back-up
CWG Craig Allan Dani Waltersdorfer
DWG Mateusz Konieczny Sarah Hoffmann
EWG Roland Olbricht Mateusz Konieczny
LWG Guillaume Rischard Craig Allan
LCCWG Dani Waltersdorfer Arnalie Vicario
MWG Arnalie Vicario Guillaume Rischard
OWG Craig Allan Roland Olbricht
SotM-WG Sarah Hoffmann Arnalie Vicario

Approved on 2024-03-28 with 6 votes in favour: Arnalie Vicario, Craig Allan, Daniela Waltersdorfer, Mateusz Konieczny, Roland Olbricht, Sarah Hoffmann.
1 abstained: Guillaume Rischard

Proposed by: Sarah Hoffmann

Draft minutes to be added.

Presentation: Ladies in Map, Zimbabwe, by Letwin Pondo

Presentation 2024-03 Ladies In Maps by Letwin Pondo.pdf

Presentation by Letwin Pondo about Ladies in Map, Zimbabwe.

Draft minutes to be added.

Any other business

Draft minutes to be added.

Guest comments or questions

Draft minutes to be added.

Next meetings

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Open board meeting: 30 May 2024, at 13:30 UTC

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Next public meeting: On 2024-05-30 13:30 UTC at, as the April meeting was cancelled, due to its close proximity to the face-to-face board meeting. The agenda will be here, approximately one week before the meeting.

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Mid-month board chat

Mid-month board chats are not open to observers.

Dates: See this Framagenda calendar (yellow dots), and the monthly board meetings page.