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The board had a face-to-face board meeting on the 26th and 27th of April 2024, in Frankfurt. The meeting was facilitated by Allen Gunn.

During the 2024-05-16 board chat, the board decided to publish a summary of the meeting and the action items, instead of the minutes. The summary will be published on

Officers and board

Action items

Arnalie Vicario

  • Arnalie to update the template of the email to new OSMF members (MWG/CWG).

Craig Allan

  • Craig to circulate to the board the principles of how he proposes that the board responds to Mikel Maron. If everyone is happy, Craig will circulate a draft email as well.
  • Craig to select the time for the 9 May 2024 closed meeting about OSMF's move to the EU. (As it is on short notice, Dorothea set it to the usual time of 13:30 UTC. Feel free to change.)
  • Craig to add all strategic plan tasks to GitLab.
  • Craig to find a solution on late time of board meetings and chats for Arnalie.
  • Craig and Dorothea to improve the new board members' on-boarding script.
  • Craig and Dorothea to define a list of documents that new board members go through (e.g. communication guidelines).
  • Craig and Dani to identify trainings in constructive -ideally international- communication available for board members. Trainings can be done asynchronously.

Dani Waltersdorfer

  • Dani to create the draft from the fundraising session. This will be used to have a conversation based on the write-up and the work by the fundraising group.
  • Dani and Craig to identify trainings in constructive -ideally international- communication available for board members. Trainings can be done asynchronously.
  • Dani to draft a communication message after each of the board meetings.

Guillaume Rischard

  • Guillaume to figure out the minimum board communication guidelines for meetings, chats and other channels. Aim: remind people about them at the start of synchronous video meetings.
  • Guillaume (communication guidelines) to figure out the channel to raise concerns and escalations.
  • Guillaume to provide a document to the board regarding the Luxembourg offer, on 7 May 2024, 2 days before the closed meeting on OSMF's move to the EU. The document will include a side by side comparison, so that the meeting will look at actual data, in order to have a deterministic conversation

Mateusz Konieczny

  • Mateusz to create a ticket named "pending issue management enhancements" and define a set of criteria for when to close a GitLab ticket and the process for going through all of the open issues and applying the criteria to thin the list.
  • Mateusz to look for alternative, open chat platforms, to replace IRC/Matrix/Element.

Roland Olbricht

Sarah Hoffmann

  • Sarah to create a pure Matrix/Element channel for the board, in order to move away from the IRC-bridged Element channel and see if the board has fewer issues with Matrix/Element.
  • Sarah to create a circular to remove IRC mention from the board Rules of Order.
  • Sarah to make sure people are in the GitLab personnel repository and that it matches the OSMF website.
  • Sarah to rejoin the meetings with Grant Slater (Senior Site Reliability Engineer).

Dorothea Kazazi

  • Dorothea to collect the action items and decisions.
  • Dorothea to add that Mikel Maron manages Martin Raifer (iD developer) to the organogram on the board wiki.
  • Dorothea to post notes from the F2F meeting.