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Action items









Administrative Assistant


Decisions - per session

Legal team and Brexit implications - resolve how to respond

  • Start up a legal analysis of costs, benefits, drawbacks and process, to decide on *if* we should do it.
  • Talk to an actual lawyer (Wirtz in Luxembourg?)
    • More than one lawyer? One for IP law, one for company law, one UK lawyer?
  • Offset the workload to committee/someone who can do paid work on this?

Creating software dispute resolution panel: who and how

  • Allan will start drafting a document with questions to the Data Working Group (DWG) about what their implementation could look like. We're still seeking a proposal, and still holding the decision.

Managing staff: what questions need to be resolved

  • review current online document, do minor reviews over next week and circulate in a circular
  • who is going to be point of contact for who:
    • Site Reliability Engineer > Guillaume, ?
    • Quincy Morgan (iD) > Mikel, ?
    • Dorothea Kazazi (Administrative Assistant) > Joost, Allan

Develop plan for conflict of interest on Working Groups

  • There should be a default Conflict of Interest (CoI) for Working Groups (WGs).
  • Board Conflict of Interest [policy] is a good first draft/possible final form for Working Group (WG) CoI template.
  • Board may need to overrule a Working Group's Conflict of Interest (CoI) rule they give themselves if that document is not good.
  • Some Working Groups (WGs) have different needs for Conflict of Interest (CoI), some topics come up for some WGs, some don't.

Make progress on attribution guidelines and enforcement

Supporting API

  • Board cannot take on even more project management (prove us wrong!) and should finish and learn from the current three projects (Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch) and the microgrants first.
  • This stuff needs doing.
  • We do need to have long-term plans about where we want the project's software to go.
  • We need to find volunteers to run projects - Engineering Working Group (EWG).

Regulating corporate participation in foundation bodies

  • Raise topic during Local Chapter (LC) Advisory Board (AB) meeting next week.
  • Continue to keep an eye on the situation and respond appropriately if needed.

Articles of association: Evaluate membership pre-reqs, identify any needed changes/updates

Improving member and volunteer recruiting



Plenary: Board capacity and sustainability

  • Proactively ask for help more.
  • Free to drop action items if a lot of time has passed and cannot be reassigned.

Board transparency

  • Express board's support for migration of to Discourse.
  • Start using the OSMF subforum for consultations once the migration has happened.
  • Get Communication Working Group (CWG) help in more engaging communications -> bring this up in the upcoming board+CWG meeting.

OSMF fundraising

  • Create long term plan.
  • Not disclose commitments yet.

Pending issues, not addressed

Creating software dispute resolution panel: who and how

  • how will the panel ultimately be composed?
  • who else will be interested to join?

Develop plan for conflict of interest on Working Groups