Board/Minutes/2020-10-S2S/OSMF fundraising

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Notes by participants. Might be enriched.

This session took place in parallel with "Board transparency". A summary was provided to the other group.


Board members

  • Allan Mustard (Chairperson)
  • Guillaume Rischard (Treasurer)
  • Mikel Maron
  • Rory McCann

The rest of the board members participated in the parallel session "Board transparency".



Some notes were omitted.

Some points during discussion

  • Some amounts might be received in next years.
  • The money is out there.
  • Other donors available to explore.


  • Relay ideas to funders about:
    • Multi-year planning.
    • Looking for volunteers.
  • Creation of fundraising committee.
  • Diversify sources of income: e.g. reach out to Local Chapter (LCs).
  • Get ear-marked donations from regular volunteers.
    • 2021 fund-raising?
    • Suggestion for general donation drive instead of ear-marked donations.


  • Create long term plan.
  • Not disclose commitments yet.

Action items

  • Allan to circulate outline to rest of board members regarding strategic planning (which would then serve fundraising asks in 2021.
  • Guillaume with Mikel to work on plan on how the money will be collected.