Board/Minutes/2020-10-S2S/Board capacity and sustainability

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Notes by participants. Might be enriched.


Board members

  • Allan Mustard (Chairperson)
  • Guillaume Rischard (Treasurer)
  • Joost Schouppe (Secretary)
  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman
  • Rory McCann
  • Tobias Knerr


First part

During the first part of the discussion board members shared personal views and experiences on the issue. The facilitator asked for no notes to be taken.


  • Articles of Association (AoA) change: Non board members on committees.
  • Establish a Budget committee.
  • Board members should feel free to set personal boundaries (e.g. set inaccessibility hours) .
    • Force breaks (e.g. lockdown of circulars during summer/winter holidays, Sundays off).
  • Selection on what to focus on/not overstretch.
  • Potentially increase number of board members (max 9).
    • Needs to be discussed with membership.
    • Decision before the call for candidates.
    • Might increase noise to signal ratio.
  • Bring on a 2nd administrative assistant.
  • More frequent check-ins between board members.
  • Ask for help, indicate problems early, drop 1 thing instead of under-delivering on multiple things.
  • Explore executive director role?
  • Empower Dorothea to nudge the board.
    • reminded Dorothea she can ask for board to spend money to make her job easier.
  • Bolster Communication Working Group (CWG).
    • Suggestion for videomeeting.
    • Getting part-time person doing public relations writing.
  • More structure for informal stuff vs relaxing environment.
    • Use loomio more?
  • Limit number of board members participating in meetings with other groups, once trust has been built.
  • Limit number of WGs that each board member can be involved with.

Other points mentioned

  • Allan offered to be approached by board members who might want help.*


  • Proactively ask for help more.
  • Free to drop action items if a lot of time has passed and cannot be reassigned.

Action items

  • Board to set post-election timeline.
  • Dorothea to see which tasks would be better to focus on and which might make sense to be done by volunteers.