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Local Chapters and Communities Working Group
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Building local community cohesion * Facilitating a global exchange of ideas * Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme

About Local Chapters:
Local Chapters are country-level or region-level not-for-profit legal entities representing the area's OSM data and OSM mappers when dealing with local government, business, and media. They are recognised by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF), allowing them to use the OpenStreetMap marks, and each can have a representative on the OpenStreetMap Foundation's Advisory Board. For OSMF-related updates regarding local chapters, please read the local chapters overview

Below you will find mostly topics mentioned on LCCWG public minutes from August 2020 until February 2021 (last upload), with the exception of news about work by the temporary Moderation subcommittee (formed after December 2020, see the first topic below).

Ongoing - Work on updating the Etiquette guidelines and on moderation of two of the OSMF-hosted mailing lists

Work by the temporary LCCWG Moderation subcommittee.

Completed - Local Chapters and Communities Congress (LCCC) 2020

Completed - Comparison of OSM Local Chapter websites

Completed - Local Chapters survey

Other topics

Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters

Provide a tool for communities to welcome new OSM mappers

Develop/design local community website template/tool

OSMF membership and Local Chapter membership

Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme

User group affiliation model

Support the development of Brian DeRocher's Microcosms

OSM website feature to allow messaging from groups to OSM users

LCCWG budget

Proposed budget in November 2020 for items for 2021:

Item Amount Notes
OSM website development €5000 Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters GL#14
Funding for 1-2 LCCWG members to attend the State of the Map 2021 conference €3500-4000? This assumes that the State of the Map 2021 international conference will not take place online. Amount is for air travel and hotel accommodation of selected working group members to convene/facilitate the Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2021.
Software development for local community website hosting tool/solution €1000 Comments: Eugene: Budget not needed if GitHub pages is the solution. Clifford: [[Microgrants}OSMF Microgrants]] can accept such funding for hosting; Rob: multi-year; Clifford says that Microgrants can be flexible in the future.

Budget related minutes:

Various topics

Upcoming - Local Chapters and Communities Congress (LCCC) 2021