Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2021-01-25

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Meeting started at 15:10 UTC.



  • Adam - UK (joined 11')
  • Jorge Gustavo - PT
  • Joost - BE
  • Clifford - US
  • Eugene - PH
  • Nicholas
  • Maggie - US
  • Naveen - IN

Not present

  • Besfort - XK (with apologies)
  • Patrick - CH
  • Anisa - IT
  • Charles - ZM
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Jonathan - BE
  • Rob - UK
  • Sophie - HOT


Approval of the 2020-11-23 meeting minutes

New chairperson

  • Eugene needs to step down because he's elected to the Board.
  • Maggie was appointed as Chair without objections.

Approval of new WG members

  • The following people requested to join the WG:
    • Nicholas Chavent - Francophone community in Africa
    • Adam Hoyle - founding member of OSM UK
    • Jorge Gustavo - President of OSGeo PT chapter
  • All were approved as new members without objections
  • Maggie raised a point about the limit on at most 2 members per community. Eugene replied that this limit was not actually a hard rule but highly recommended and Sophie (who is from the UK, same as Rob and Adam) is representing the HOT community rather than the UK community

Rules of Order

  • Agenda: How to deal with larger membership? How to deal with subcommittee work, subgroup work?
  • Joost posted a draft rules of order for LCCWG: https://hackmd.io/YARZhhvzTBqmQ1sZfDxotg?view
  • Maggie commented that we just have one subcommittee for now. Probably good for other projects as well.
  • Next step: Joost to find partner to extend the current proposal.

Previous action items

Items in bold and highlighted are updates in status or new action items.
Assigned Item Status Source
Joost Do a comparison of features of various OSM websites Done
2020-01 meeting
Clifford Run a survey with existing chapters and chapters-to-be to get their views why they applied/will apply to become a chapter Done
2019-11 meeting
Eugene Work with OSM India to become an OSMF affiliate Pended
2020-02 meeting
Maggie, Clifford Support the development of microcosm Ongoing
2020-02 meeting
Maggie, Joost Provide easy-to-use welcoming tool Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
Ben Update OSM website to allow messaging from groups to OSM users Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
All Resolve overlapping OSMF and LC membership scheme Ongoing
2020-06 meeting
Eugene Improve the affiliation scheme of the OSMF Not yet started
All Develop/design local community website template/tool Ongoing
2020-09 meeting
All Update OSM website to highlight LCs Not yet started
2020-10 meeting

Focus items

Per the Terms of Reference, WG members should work on the focus items.

Building local community cohesion

Support the development of Microcosms (GL#7)

Provide a tool for communities to welcome new mappers (GL#8)

  • Previously assigned to Jonathan
  • No updates

Update OSM website to allow affiliated groups to message OSM users (GL#9)

  • Previously assigned to Jonathan
  • No updates

Develop/design local community website template/tool (GL#13)

  • No updates.

Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters (GL#14)

  • Adam willing to work on this.

Facilitating a global exchange of ideas

Local Chapters and Communities Congress (LCCC) (GL#10)

  • This task is considered closed.

Development of a CoC/Etiquette subcommittee

  • Background: In response to the controversy on the osmf-talk mailing list over misogynistic language the OSMF Board tasked the LCCWG to:
    • Find partners to help instate a moderator team for the OSMF-talk and talk mailing lists. These moderators need to have the trust of the community subject to the moderation (consent of the governed) by some kind of approval mechanism. The moderator team will start to work on enforcing the current Etiquette guidelines as soon as possible.
    • Start work on updating/replacing our Etiquette rules, which must focus on balancing all participants’ interests.
    • Produce proposals for the Board to consider at its January meeting.
  • The subcommittee was formed and had a few meetings since December 2020. There were lots of coming and going of people interested and the scoping the work is still ongoing. There is consistent input by Michal Migurski, Rory McCann and Tobias Knerr. Rory and Tobias would step a bit back to not make this a Board project.
  • The subcommittee would have another meeting on January 27.
  • A proposal will be shared with the community at the upcoming OSMF Board January meeting on January 29.

Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme

Local Chapters survey (GL#2)

  • This task is considered closed.

Resolve overlapping OSMF and LC membership scheme (GL#11)

  • No updates.

Improve the affiliation scheme of the OSMF (GL#12)

  • No updates.

Other business

Local Chapter application checklist

LCCWG budget

  • The WG need to review our budget proposal that was initially drafted in November 2020.
  • Open question: Could we fund software projects like Microcosms?

Next meeting

Next meeting will be on February 22 starting at 15:00 UTC via BBB.

Meeting ended at 16:13 UTC.