Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2020-11-23

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Meeting started at 15:06 UTC.



  • Anisa - IT (joined at 48')
  • Besfort - XK
  • Charles - ZM (joined at 23')
  • Clifford - US
  • Eugene - PH
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Jonathan - BE
  • Maggie - US
  • Naveen - IN
  • Rob - UK (joined at 56')
  • Sophie - HOT/UK

Not present

  • Joost - BE
  • Patrick - CH


Approval of the 2020-10-19 meeting minutes

Resigning/inactive members

  • Joost previously informed the WG that he could no longer devote any time to the WG because of his duties with the OSMF Board and as a Secretary. So he should be considered as inactive in the WG for the meantime. Joost also confirmed that he would no longer run for the Board in this year's AGM and could rejoin the WG after his term ends.
  • Eugene contacted Stefano who is an original member of the WG. Stefano confirmed that he could no longer devote time to the WG and suggested to invite Anisa (OSM IT project manager) to join the WG. (See next item.)
  • Ben informed the WG that he was resigning from the WG due to a lack of time as a Board member of HOT.

Approval of new WG members

  • Naveen Francis (India)
    • Approved
  • Jonathan Beliën (Belgium)
    • Approved
  • Anisa Kuci (Italy)
    • Approved
  • Sophie Mower (HOT/UK)
    • Specialty is inclusive development; works on a mapping project on contaminated water sources
    • Approved
  • Besfort Guri (Kosovo)
    • Board member of FLOSSK and in-charge of OSM Kosovo
    • Approved

Previous action items

Items in bold and highlighted are updates in status or new action items.
Assigned Item Status Source
Joost Do a comparison of features of various OSM websites Mostly done
2020-01 meeting
Clifford Run a survey with existing chapters and chapters-to-be to get their views why they applied/will apply to become a chapter Report submitted to the Board
2019-11 meeting
Maggie Create SotM 2020 video presentation Closed; diary entry posted
2020-01 meeting
Maggie, Rob Organise Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2020 Event is done!
2020-01 meeting
Eugene Work with OSM India to become an OSMF affiliate Pended
2020-02 meeting
Maggie, Clifford Support the development of microcosm Ongoing
2020-02 meeting
Maggie Provide easy-to-use welcoming tool Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
Ben Update OSM website to allow messaging from groups to OSM users Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
All OSMF + LC membership scheme Ongoing
2020-06 meeting
Eugene Improve the affiliation scheme of the OSMF Not yet started
All Website creation tool Ongoing
2020-09 meeting
All Update OSM website to highlight LCs Not yet started
2020-10 meeting

Focus items

Per the Terms of Reference, WG members should work on the focus items.

Building local community cohesion

Support the development of Microcosms (GL#7)

  • Brian gave a demo and updates on the status of the development during the LCCC 2020. Brian said that there are around 8 items left to resolve for version 1 and that they would take roughly around 1 month to resolve.

Provide a tool for communities to welcome new mappers (GL#8)

  • Presented by Anisa and Jonathan during the LCCC 2020.
  • Could tie with the next action item (GL#9) to avoid manual copy-and-pasting of template messages.
  • Jonathan to take this on.

Update OSM website to allow affiliated groups to message OSM users (GL#9)

  • No updates.
  • Jonathan to take this on.

Develop/design local community website template/tool (GL#13)

  • Discussed in one of the breakout rooms led by Joost during the LCCC 2020.
  • OSM Wiki page for collecting results of website comparison task (GL#1) still not yet created.
  • Joost to take the lead (to be confirmed with Joost)
  • Maggie shared an update on their current task to update the OSM US website: not finding any good leads to work on the task.
  • Maggie and Geoffrey would like to possibly work on this.

Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters (GL#14)

  • New action item and GitLab ticket #14 created.
  • No updates yet.
  • Could request budget to work on this. (See agenda item below.)

Facilitating a global exchange of ideas

Comparison of OSM websites (GL#1)

  • Presented by Joost during the LCCC 2020.
  • Consider this action item closed and continue work on GitLab ticket #13. (See agenda item "Develop/design local community website template/tool" above.)

Local Chapters and Communities Congress (LCCC) (GL#10)

  • Updates since the previous meeting:
    • Eugene created an OSM diary entry to promote the event.
    • Pre-event meeting held on November 16 from 15:00 UTC to around 15:40 UTC via BBB:
      • Attended by Anisa, Clifford, Eugene, Jonathan, and Maggie.
      • Eugene agreed to create a pad to collect questions.
      • Program on the event page on the OSM wiki was finalised.
      • Jonathan and Anisa confirmed that they can present the welcoming tool of OSM BE and OSM IT.
      • Jonathan confirmed that Joost can present the OSM website comparison session.
    • Joost confirmed that OSM US and FLOSSK would join the signing ceremony.
    • Event successfully held with 30+ participants.
  • Next steps:
    • Eugene: Download video recordings + chat log, export pad, and post somewhere more permanent.
    • Create another OSM diary entry and/or OSM blog post? Eugene to start draft.
  • What are the new tasks/action items the WG should pursue as a result of the LCCC?
    • Rob: Request for WG funding/budget (see budget agenda item)
    • Clifford+Rob: Analyse and follow up on how to make LCs more influential in the OSMF? (Breakout room #3)
    • Rob: Request for the WG to use OSMF Loomio
    • Clifford asked Sophie about thematic orgs and smaller orgs? Sophie is interested in helping out.
    • Sophie: More platforms for accessible communications.

Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme

Local Chapters survey (GL#2)

  • Clifford had previously emailed the survey report to the OSMF Board last October 5.
  • Next steps:
    • Clifford: Create blog post and/or diary entry to promote the report. Could we upload the report submitted to the Board on the OSM Wiki and create an OSM diary entry or OSM blog post with an executive summary?
    • Geoffrey: Create a checklist for LC application process (i.e., before a group even attempts to submit an application)
    • Seek ways how to help communities become more sustainable (financial + membership)
      • Best practices on how to be sustainable
      • Use Loomio?

OSMF membership + LC membership (GL#11)

  • No updates.

Improve the affiliation scheme of the OSMF (GL#12)

  • Previous: No objections to the OSMF recognising less formal groups such as user groups and non-geographic groups such as thematic organisations.
  • Mentioned during the LCCC 2020.
  • Rob: Maybe Naveen can make a proposal? Maybe this should be tailored to each interested group.
    • Naveen: India can have an AoA but not government-registered.
    • Rob: Funding issue, community often uses someone's personal bank account.
    • Sophie: As HOT Microgrants manager, comes up with the funding problem too.

Other business

LCCWG budget

  • Proposed budget items for 2021:
Item Amount Notes
OSM website development €5000 Mainly for GL#14
Funding for 1-2 WG members to attend SotM 2021 €3500-4000? This assumes that physical SotM 2021 will pushes through. (Geoffrey [member of SotM WG]: Not sure if Cape Town would go again.) Attendance is for WG members to convene/facilitate LCCC 2021. Next step: Clifford + Eugene: get estimate for airfare + hotel; Rob can also help out.
Software development for local community website hosting tool/solution €1000 Eugene: Budget not needed if GitHub pages is the solution. Clifford: OSMF Microgrants can accept such funding for hosting; Rob: multi-year; Clifford says that Microgrants can be flexible in the future.

WG members running for the OSMF Board

  • Just an announcement: Eugene has put himself up again as a candidate for the 2020 OSMF Board election. Note that if Eugene is elected, the WG would need to appoint/elect a new chair.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be on a Monday in January starting at 15:00 UTC. No meeting in December as a holiday/end-of-year break and to give time for people to attend the OSMF AGM.

Meeting ended at 17:02 UTC.