Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2021-02-22

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Meeting started at 15:07 UTC.



  • Adam - UK
  • Anisa - IT
  • Clifford - US
  • Eugene - PH
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Joost - BE
  • Jorge - PT
  • Rob - UK
  • Naveen - IN (joined 15:15)

Not present

  • Patrick - CH
  • Besfort - XK
  • Charles - ZM
  • Jonathan - BE (with apologies)
  • Maggie - US (with apologies)
  • Nicholas
  • Sophie - HOT

Meeting chair

  • Joost offered to chair the meeting in absence of Maggie.


Approval of the 2020-11-23 meeting minutes

Previous action items

Items in bold and highlighted are updates in status or new action items.
Assigned Item Status Source
Eugene Work with OSM India to become an OSMF affiliate Pended
2020-02 meeting
Maggie, Clifford Support the development of microcosm Ongoing
2020-02 meeting
Maggie, Joost Provide easy-to-use welcoming tool Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
Ben Update OSM website to allow messaging from groups to OSM users Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
All Resolve overlapping OSMF and LC membership scheme Ongoing
2020-06 meeting
Eugene Improve the affiliation scheme of the OSMF Not yet started
All Develop/design local community website template/tool Ongoing
2020-09 meeting
Adam Update OSM website to highlight LCs Not yet started
2020-10 meeting

Focus items

Per the Terms of Reference, WG members should work on the focus items.

Building local community cohesion

Support the development of Microcosms (GL#7)

  • Clifford chatted with Brian and said that old issues are being fixed, new issues are posted, some 20 issues needed to be resolved. Seems to be close. Maggie said OSM US is willing to host an instance for testing.
  • Adam said before he is willing to “help” with it.

Provide a tool for communities to welcome new mappers (GL#8)

  • No updates

Update OSM website to allow affiliated groups to message OSM users (GL#9)

  • No updates

Develop/design local community website template/tool (GL#13)

  • No updates.

Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters (GL#14)

  • Rob and Adam has been working on this with a rough layout already done, but no concrete text yet. Plan is that LCCWG needs to be sure what the full plan should be before opening it up for community feedback.
  • Motions:
  • Joost and Geoffrey willing to look at the OSM Wiki to see what existing pages or new page needs as a secondary landing page for the Communities OSM web page.

Facilitating a global exchange of ideas

Moderation Subcommittee

Map Complete

Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme

Resolve overlapping OSMF and LC membership scheme (GL#11)

  • No updates.

Improve the affiliation scheme of the OSMF (GL#12)

  • No updates.

Other business

LCCWG budget

Next meeting

Next meeting will be on March 22 (fourth Monday) starting at 15:00 UTC via BBB. Calendar invitation is already set.

Meeting ended at 17:12 UTC.