Officers & Board

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The board members are volunteers and are generally elected by the OSMF members. Some of the board members also volunteer in OSMF working groups.

Board *

Please note that the board is not the appropriate body to report bugs to or to ask for technical assistance. The resources listed on the Wiki Help Page are typically better places to ask such questions. Also see our Contact page.

Officer roles
Chairperson Guillaume Rischard
Secretary Craig Allan *
Treasurer Roland Olbricht *
List of all board members
Board member name Non-officer board related roles Email address
Arnalie Vicario
Craig Allan
Daniela Waltersdorfer
Guillaume Rischard
Mateusz Konieczny
Sarah Hoffmann
Roland Olbricht
* Note about Board, Secretary and Treasurer email aliases
Please note that these are not limited to the aforementioned board members, but may also be copied to other parties.

At the time of writing:
- emails are copied to Dorothea Kazazi, our Administrative assistant.
- emails are copied to Dorothea Kazazi and the OSM Foundation Chairperson.