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Draft minutes.

Date and time: Thursday, 16 May 2024, at 13:30 UTC

Video room at
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Board members

  • Arnalie Vicario (issue until 30' after start)
  • Craig Allan
  • Dani Waltersdorfer (joined 22' after start)
  • Roland Olbricht (issue until 30' after start)
  • Sarah Hoffmann
  • Guillaume Rischard
  • Mateusz Konieczny

Not Present

Officers and board

Minutes by Dorothea Kazazi.


Meeting not open to observers.

Investigate moving OSMF out of the UK, and into the EU

From 2024-05-09 emergency board chat about the OSMF move to the EU.

Take action against data consumers persistently plagiarising OpenStreetMap data and not using OSMF tile servers

Topic suggested by Mateusz Konieczny.

Guillaume declared a conflict of interest (Conflict of interest policy), as one of the companies was a client of his.


  • Prepare an official letter from the Foundation for these users.
  • Consult the board, then the Licensing Working Group (LWG).
  • Send the letter as a paper document.
    • Lawyers print on paper, scan it and send it as a .pdf.
    • Finding the physical postal address of some data consumers is difficult.
  • Ask Simon Poole about the case of takedown request for app.
    • He is no longer involved with LWG, but we had a recent request.

Specific case

  • Guillaume offered to call one of the companies, which had switched from OSMF tiles to their own tiles without attribution.
    • We have already contacted them about the issue.

Action item: Mateusz to send a takedown request for an Android app which does not provide OSM attribution. Craig offered to help.

Arnalie joined.

Request for some points of the discussion to not be minuted.

2024 Board election timeline

Dorothea has created a suggested timeline for the upcoming board election in October 2024.


  • Put the SotM Europe 2024 and SotM 2024 dates on the timeline.
  • Propose to board candidates to publish their answers on Discourse.
    • Not possible, as all answers have to be published at the same time.
    • Candidates can repost their answers on Discourse.

On election facilitator

  • Suggestion to have a new facilitator for the questions to the candidates.
  • Mateusz suggested Brian Sperlongano, who previously was on the OSM US board and who knows the community.
  • Guillaume suggested Courtney Williamson and Marjan van der Krauter.

Action item: Sarah to ask Brian Sperlongano to be the facilitator. (Post-meeting note: Brian accepted).

Dani joined on 22' after start.

2024-04 board face-to-face meeting notes: what do we want to publish

The board had a face-to-face (F2F) board meeting on the 26th and 27th of April 2024, in Frankfurt.
Topic suggested by Sarah Hoffmann.


  • Publish a summary of the F2F meeting, instead of detailed minutes.
  • Dorothea suggested publishing at least the action items.

Action items

  • Craig to create a summary of the F2F meeting.
  • Dorothea to publish the action items of the F2F meeting.

Board agreement to appoint Dani as second manager for Grant

The following people (OSMF employee and two contractors) have regular check-ins with members of the OSMF personnel committee:
Topic suggested by Craig Allan.

No objection on appointing Dani as a second manager for Grant.

On manager role

  • The main manager should take notes and report on the meetings.
  • The managers are overseen by the board - there's a chain of responsibility.

On managers' reports

  • Reports should be available to the board and the personnel committee.
  • Reports can be bullet points, super short.
  • No need to provide personal information in the reports.
  • No need to provide weekly reports on GitLab.
    • Reports can be out of GitLab but the personnel committee should have access to them.


  • On role of second manager: The second manager could provide suggestions on processes and handling things.
  • Write up the roles of managers and second managers.
  • Take a vote on Guillaume not managing Grant.
  • Notes should be on a channel not accessible to Grant.
  • Talk again at the next mid-month chat.

On managers' workload

  • Guillaume would not like additional work than agreed to do but will ensure that proper notes are kept, but are most for his managers.
  • People should step down if the workload is too much and someone else can take over.

Other points mentioned during discussion

  • Notes from the meeting on Monday are not available to the board but Guilaume will send them to Dani.
  • It was agreed during the F2F to have records of what was discussed during meetings.
  • Human Resources (HR) specialist to give advice on practice. Notes available to the board, to help with evaluations.

Action item: Craig to write something on the role of the main and second managers, the documentation, to be reviewed by a director of the HR company, and share it with the board.

Decision: Guillaume agreed to copy paste the bullet points of the weekly discussions with Grant on GitLab, and will also provide them to Grant.

Follow up progress in appointing an Human Resources specialist to advise on performance assessment

Suggested by Craig.

Guillaume has not checked with the company TimelessTime yet. He talked with Allan Mustard and Paul Norman.

Action item: Guillaume to copy the board on emails with TimelessTime and Craig will be on the meeting with TimelessTime, if there's going to be one.

Security issues on Board GitLab

Suggested by Craig.

Dani had to disconnect.

Any other business

Strategic plan

Craig created a GitLab repository for the Strategic plan that the board can use.