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Meeting on 2024 OSMF budget.
Minutes approved by the board during the 2024-02-29 meeting.

Date and time: Thursday, 15 February 2024, at 13:30 UTC

Video room at
using BigBlueButton.



Board members

  • Craig Allan (joined 15' after start)
  • Guillaume Rischard (Chairing)
  • Mateusz Konieczny
  • Dani Waltersdorfer
  • Sarah Hoffmann

Not Present

  • Arnalie Vicario
  • Roland Olbricht

Officers and board

Minutes by Dorothea Kazazi.


Meeting not announced.

On 2024 draft budget

2024-02-14 analysis and updated figures

  • Currently, we face a shortfall of 20 days in our cash reserves to achieve a one-year buffer by year-end. This projection is based on the assumptions of:
    • maintaining the same level of fundraising as the previous year, and
    • that our Corporate Members either maintain their current tier or do not downgrade under the new pricing structure.
  • Implementing a reduction of $17,000 in expenses would enable us to reach a twelve-month cash reserve target.

Changes in this version of the 2024 draft budget

  • OWG: Nothing added to the overflow budget.
  • CWG: lower - some things moved to the overflow budget. Overflow = EUR 2,500, for improvements to and
  • LCCWG: lower - microgrants moved to the overflow budget. Overflow = EUR 21,500.
  • EWG: Microgrants (EUR 25,500), travelling, hack-weekend and rest of vector tiles moved to the overflow budget. Overflow = EUR 80,000.

Craig Allan joined around 15' after start.

On suggestion to cut the board travel budget

Suggestion to trim the board travel budget by eliminating the proposed 2024 face-to-face meeting and selective attendance of board members at State of the Map 2024 in Nairobi. Kenya (link). While a face-to-face meeting can be useful, reallocating those funds to support initiatives e.g. EWG would be more advantageous.

  • Mateusz volunteered to forgo attendance at SotM 2024.
  • Disagreement, as i) past meetings have been productive ii) potential for under-spending in the budget, iii) fundraising might be improved.
  • In-person interaction is important and especially to attend SotM 2024, in order for the community to meet the board and know that the board cares about it.
  • By transitioning to screen-to-screen meetings, we can allocate the saved funds to the overflow budget.

Other suggestions

  • Acquire new Corporate Members and enhance fundraising strategies.
  • Incorporate the overflow budget presentation into the budget document.
  • Present the budget to the community and vote during the February board meeting.
    • Suggestion for impartial presentation.
  • Communication strategy: emphasise in blog posts related to specific projects that their realisation is made possible by the generous support of our contributors.

Fundraising campaigns

  • 2023 one started in August.
  • 2024 one will start in March, so we might raise more funds.

In case of cash crisis

  • Could implement cus to keep people employed and the board running - we're lean and funds could go quite far. Some non-profit organisations only have reserves for one or two additional months.

Other points mentioned during discussion

  • Income projection is conservative.
  • The Vector Tiles announcement raised EUR 200 in 24 hours.
  • Martin Raifer (OSMF iD maintainer) is currently managed by Mikel Maron.
  • Enquiry by Paul Norman (OWG) regarding OWG emergencies amount, which was already included in the budget.
  • Dani will have a meeting with a company, and offered to talk to them about donating to OSM.

There seemed to be agreement to stay with the budget numbers presented during this meeting.

Mateusz shared a proposed text regarding the announcement of the draft budget to the community, highlighting that there was effort to produce it and some conflicting ideas and priorities.

Decision: Guillaume will present the draft budget to the community.