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Draft agenda for board mid-month video chat (non public)

Location: Video room
using BigBlueButton.

Please note that this video chat is not open to observers.

Date and time: Thursday August 13th 2020, 17:00 London time - Countdown


Board members



(non public video chat)

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CWG + Board meeting to help generate a fresh scope

The current scope of the Communication Working Group (CWG) is outlined here. Suggestion of a CWG and Board meeting to help generate a fresh scope.
Suggested by Mikel.

Community consultation on open channel commitment

The Working Groups (WGs) have been consulted about a potential commitment not to publish OSMF-related content exclusively on non-open social media platforms or other proprietary communication channels. The consultation didn't identify any major roadblocks, as the WGs already do this for the most part (with some caveats). Suggestion for next steps.
Suggested by Tobias.

Microgrants tracking and reporting status

The Microgrants Policy framework guides the current first run of the microgrants program and includes the following section about reporting:

"Keep tabs on projects' reporting requirements.

Every project is different, so projects need to come up with their own planning and reporting schedule. A first version of this should be part of the microgrant application. Once accepted, the content of that plan can be refined in agreement between the Committee and the project. The project is expected to follow their planning or actively communicate issues as they arise. The Committee can take measures if the planning is not being respected. Reporting can be hosted on the OSM diaries or other places, but all public reporting should be findable from the main wiki page for the project."

About microgrants:
The Microgrants 2020 program is a pilot program currently running and being overseen by the Microgrants Committee. See the 12 selected proposals.

Suggested by Tobias.

Plans for working on a EWG proposal, recruiting members

The board has suggested that the Engineering Working Group (EWG) gets involved in funding core infrastructure projects. Since 2017 the EWG is coordinating projects funded by the "Google Summer of Code".
Suggested by Tobias.

Communication about attribution with corporate AB members

The board had an online meeting with four of the six Corporate Members of the Advisory Board about attribution and a second meeting might be planned.

Background: The Licensing Working Group (LWG) had drafted a a draft attribution guideline, which was sent to -and subsequently modified by- the board. The board version has been provided back to the LWG and to [Corporate Members of the Advisory Board for feedback.

Suggested by Tobias.

Next meeting

Public board meeting probably on the 27th of August 2020, 17:00 London time.