Working Group Minutes/EWG 2024-03-07

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Formal proceedings


  • Salim Baidoun (until second half)
  • Andrew Hain
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Mikel Maron (leaving after Microgrants)
  • Roland Olbricht (late, at Robert's application)
  • Emerson Rocha

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the last meeting have been approved.

Membership re-application by Robert Koeze

Robert has applied by email to re-join us, the Engineering Working Group (EWG). The application has been approved unanimously.

Meeting schedule

Several members have difficulties with the current meeting roster. We had Doodle polls for scheduling the current and upcoming meetings, but the offered timeslots might have been too optimistic.

Roland will ask for Tue or Thu in about two weeks. We ended up using Doodle for the momemt being as the Framasoft option does not offer timezone calculation.

Active Projects

Budget planning

The budget has been approved by the board, but with some restrictions:

  • Only 13k instead of 30k have been approved for microgrants. The rest is in overflow budget.
  • Travel budget is entirely in the overflow budget, in line with the lower priority we have given it.
  • Board will decide on the costs for Paul's work which exceed 40k after that threshold has been reached.

The OSMF Board also approved the layered spending policy. This makes explicit which range of payment always require OSMF Board approval. This means bids in the value range of the "Refactoring of OSM website notes" work ("Authority for Medium amounts") could be done with EWG alone as long as it fit the previosly approved budget for the year.

Everyone shall familiarize themselves with the new spending rules until the next meeting.

Refactoring of OSM website notes

The OSMF Board explicitly approved the spending for this task.

Gregory has created a pull request on the project and has had feedback from website maintainers.

Microgrants (Future Projects)

Action item: Mikel to perform a community consultation. (Ask the community on Discourse for process, open-ended framing to avoid preempting the board.) Before starting it, Mikel will let Salim know.

EWG members and others have commented on Salim's template which he presented at the previous meeting.

EWG has to decide itself on how to perform the actual scoring, compare its project funding framework. The EWG will ask community members to do the scoring rules specifically for microgrants, then the EWG will set the scoring rules based on that. Mikel volunteers to survey the community.

The community should have opportunity to comment on proposals, and these comments should be taken into account by the people doing the scorings.

Vector Tiles (Ongoing Projects)

There have been some public posts with updates:

The spreadsheet for progress measuring is accessible to all EWG members.

Time spent so far:

  • Software design and development phase - 80.4%
  • Shortbread implementation - 88.1%
  • Shortbread beta testing and user feedback collection - 22.86%
  • Other - 7.9%

Total Days spent - 15.3 days

Paul is progressing. Amanda (from CWG) has joined the group overseeing the project.

GDPR (Future Projects)

After discussion about the document of affected services, the EWG decided the following approach: Start by having as many EWG members as possible review the document and agree that it's reasonable. Then approach LWG.

Decide about that at he next meeting.

Public discussion on GitHub in the past.

Any other business

Adam is going to join the Personnel Committee.