Working Group Minutes/EWG 2024-02-21

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Formal proceedings


  • Salim Baidoun
  • Andrew Hain
  • Adam Hoyle (from 18h05 on, during "Microgrants")
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Mikel Maron
  • Emerson Rocha



  • Adam Hoyle (start of meeting)

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the last meeting have been unanimously approved.

Meeting schedule

The Engineering Working Group (EWG) agrees to retry Doodle for a new time slot.

GitHub access rights

Check whether Emerson and Salim have sufficient rights on the OSM EWG GitHub repo to perform all EWG tasks. Apparently already done in parallel to the meeting.

Active Projects

Budget planning

No news from the board so far. The budget is expected to be ratified end of month.

Refactoring of OSM website notes

Roland confirms that a circular by the board has passed to approve Gregory's budget ahead of the main budget negotiations to take advantage of the momentum. The EWG agrees to wait for the publication of that result along with the minutes to avoid a similar confusing situation as with the Vector Tiles contract. Emerson will then be our point of contact.

Microgrants (Future projects )

Salim presents the draft template for microgrant applications. The EWG expresses gratitude towards Salim for completing the work and considers this to be an excellent draft. Further feedback shall be collected in the issue to make it easier to track.

Action item: Use this week for comments on Salim's template on the GitHub tracker.

Action item: Start to formulate and agree on the narrative and communication towards the community. Ask the community on Discourse for process, open-ended framing to avoid prempting board.

The EWG agrees that the scoring criteria but not necessarily the scoring itself falls into their remit. Reminder of EWG's general fundingframework. Community members shall be asked to do the actual scoring to involve more eyeballs. The exact form (e.g. a jury) is not yet known, but a poll with open voting is too likely to be misused.

Vector Tiles

The members of the EWG have access to the spreadsheet where Adam tracks Paul's progress. The work is progressing as planned, and Paul is rather ahead of schedule.

Time spent so far:

  • Software design and development phase - 80.4%
  • Shortbread implementation - 57.1%
  • Other - 5.1%

Total Days spent - 11.68 days

Paul is working on shortbread implementation and has raised a number of PR requests against shortbread to improve on it.

Future Projects


We got back a comment from mmd which is in line with the planned staged approach. I.e. do the website first, wait for feedback, then do the API. mmd is apparently able to coordinate the work on CGImap when necessary.

The answer from the Legal Working Group (LWG) is understood rather as that the LWG did not found where we have a question. The EWG should sort out whether is actually has a question and put it as a follow-up if any.

Any other business

It is dicussed whether the name of the EWG repo "EWG bidding" is set in stone.

Next meeting

See pending Doodle poll.