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The content below was copied from on 2023-02-24. The link was shared during the 2023-02-23 OSMF board meeting, after the 2023 budget was approved.

Abbreviations were expanded and links were added.

The unified budget is now as follows. The board intends to update its budget about quarterly and re-use this year’s budget as a template for longer projections.

All figures are in British Pounds.

Expected income (GBP)

Amount Description Remark
521,000 Donations Planned target of the donation drive
14,500 Individual Members
145,500 Corporate Members Numbers according to the levels(historic link) announced on plus TomTom platinum.
0 State of the Map (SotM) conference No State of the Map takes place.
681,000 Total Expected total income

Expected spending (GBP)

Amount Description Remark
169,197 Operations Working Group (OWG) budget high option from the OWG proposal
40,000 OWG Reserve Flatten out below-average capital expenses of the OWG
275,000 Personnel Our Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Administrative Assistant, and iD development (see long-term paid individuals)
50,000 Engineering Working Group (EWG) budget
6,000 other Working Groups budget combined budget of

1000 ₤ each

40 500 Organizational Overhead Insurance, accounting, travel expenses etc., breakdown see below
0 State of the Map (SotM) conference No State of the Map takes place.
100,000 Reserve General Reserve
681,000 Total Planned total expenses, rounded to thousand pounds

Organizational Overhead

The Organizational Overhead is broken down as follows:

Amount Description Remark
12000 Accountancy
8000 Insurance
3000 Software Subscriptions
2500 Various Service Fees Legal fees, professional fees, consultancy fees
4000 Bank charges
2500 Computer sundries and peripherals
500 Printing, Postage, and Carriage
8000 Travel expenses