Working Group Minutes/EWG 2024-03-27

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Formal proceedings


  • Salim Baidoun
  • Adam Hoyle (after about 10 minutes, during Microgrants)
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Mikel Maron
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Emerson Rocha


  • Robert Koeze

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the last meeting have been approved.

Microgrants (Future Projects)

The EWG members and others have commented on Salim's template which he presented at the previous meeting; feedback has not yet been incorporated.

Mikel shall perform a community consultation: Ask the community on Discourse for process. Give it an open-ended framing to avoid preempting board. This community consultation shall be sent out after the template has been tweaked.

Things to survey are:

  • Template: Opinion on templating the application and the extent of what's required from applicants.
  • Comments on criteria and evaluation systems. We have options of setting up totally independent committee vs committee making recommendations and then EWG approval.
  • Get Feedback on whether the Project Funding Framework is considered helpful for the process.


  • All shall review the Project Funding Framework.
  • Salim will rework the application template.
  • Salim and Mikel will sync up to draft community consultation message, then circulate draft with rest of group, and then posting to forum.

Meeting schedule

The members agree to stay at every two weeks. Most meetings need the full hour earmarked for them.

All members shall fill in the Doodle (in particular the two missing ones).

Robert's accounts

Robert's membership application was accepted at the previous meeting, and he has been added to email list.

Document members' affiliations on WG page

An event outside the EWG has given rise to requests to ensure that the EWG follows the OSMF CoI policy wrt to affiliations.

We'll add affiliations behind the list of our names. If you don't have wiki access, you can contact Roland through email or chat.

Suggestion to publish mini-bios

This is complementing the previous topic to ensure maximum transparency. It shall be easy to find the background of the EWG members.

A simple but probably sufficent approach is to link to OSM user page from EWG wiki page and put the mini-bios there.

Refactoring of OSM website notes (Ongoing Projects)

No report here.

Vector Tiles (Ongoing Projects)

The demo is live, Paul is receiving feedback.

The spreadsheet for progress measuring is accessible to all EWG members.

Time spent so far:

  • Software design and development phase - 80.8%
  • Shortbread implementation - 92.8%
  • Other - 8.6% Total Days spent - 17.58 days

It might be a good point in time to prepare a blog post.

GDPR (Future Projects)

This is about excelling at GDPR compliance. The public discussion is on GitHub.

The EWG agrees unanimously to drop the question marks from "Geocoder / ..." onwards. This deems those things as irrelevant for the GDPR.

Discussion on the /user/:display_name call (and especially the impact on the publicy visible user pages on the OSM website)? User diaries are already listed as "allow" (i.e. public access). Keeping the current behavior (i.e. continue allowing public access) would allow us to move forward.

We will not need a item-by-item consultation of the LWG; just communicate our support for the document and plan to move forward with it. We would like to confirm that the LWG is happy with the document.

Whether we want to have a SotM talk about this shall be moved to next time.

Any other business

No other business.