Board/Minutes/2021-02-S2S/Taking stock of OSM today

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Notes by participants. Might be enriched.



Board members

  • Allan Mustard
  • Eugene Alvin Villar
  • Guillaume Rischard
  • Jean-Marc Liotier
  • Mikel Maron
  • Rory McCann
  • Tobias Knerr



  • Allen Gunn (facilitator)
  • Dorothea Kazazi (administrative assistant)


What is trending better, working better or resolved over last 4 months?

  • fund-raising
  • recognition of need to protect our communication spaces (Mikel)
  • taking temperature of broad community in survey (Mikel)
  • discussion on conduct
  • adding local chapters
  • OSM keeps growing & hasn't fallen apart (Rory)
  • Continued steady growth of Local Chapters (LCs) (Rory)
  • Licensing Working Group (LWG) (through Dermot - LWG member)
  • Engagement with local chapters
  • Discussion with Humanitarian OSM Team (HOT)
  • better funding for core infrastructure
  • AI assisted mapping isn't so bad after all
  • Dorothea's new (contract)
  • Organized mapping is more transparent

What has remained the same/unchanged? (good)

  • Hiring of Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SSRE) (not stuck, movement soon)
  • Collegiality of the Board
  • Lack of communication with corporate actors (Rory)

What has remained the same/unchanged? (bad)

  • offensive behavior in the talk lists
  • attribution
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • relationship with HOT
  • understanding of relationships among OSM entities (OSMF, Local Chapters, HOT, companies) (Mikel)
  • bolstering weak Working Groups (WGs)
    • Still unclear relationship between working groups and Board (Data Working Group (DWG), LWG) (Eugene)
  • API, website, community channels, other central technical infrastructure (Tobias)
  • No movement on Engineering Working Group (EWG) (Mikel)
  • Moving (parts of) the OSMF to the EU (Rory)
  • Center of gravity still European
  • Main website is pretty much the same (Eugene)

What is trending less well, working less well or less resolved over last 4 months?

  • independent volunteer participation in working groups and similar groups
  • Motivation of people involved in volunteering for OSM (e.g. editor authors)
  • Some software is still stagnant (osm-website) (Rory)
    • ditto ^^ (Mikel)
  • Attribution Guidelines isn't resolved (Rory)

Anything else

  • Presence of large corporate actors