Working Group Minutes/MWG 2016-09-04

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  • Steve Friedl (SJFriedl)
  • Clifford Snow (Glassman)
  • Michael Spreng (datendelphin)
  • Ilya Zverev (Zverik)


Two members are missing.

Minutes from 2016-08-03 were accepted with two votes.

Google Forms

Nothing yet.

Ilya to check if it is possible to add these forms to's wordpress.


We have an NDA form, sent to Paul for verification.

Not sure how to sign it. Decided to print, sign, scan and send an image.

osmf-talk Mailing List

Frederik has offered an admin access, nobody on MWG has it yet. We are to talk to Frederik.


[21:59] <Glassman> Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone
[21:59] <datendelphin> Good evening to you too
[22:01] <datendelphin> Zverik: hi
[22:03] <datendelphin> So while we are waiting for the others, what do you think about the NDA?
[22:05] <Glassman> from what I remember it looked okay. Does anyone have a link to it?
[22:05] <datendelphin> sure
[22:06] <Glassman> Where are the signed NDA kept or who keeps them?
[22:07] <datendelphin> probably paper work for the board. Something for the administrative assistant?
[22:08] <Glassman> Since Paul is secretary maybe he knows.
[22:10] <Glassman> I just pinged paul on the osm channel
[22:10] <datendelphin> tried to ping him as well
[22:10] <datendelphin> Ilya is not responding either
[22:11] <Glassman> guess we can assign them all the work and adjourn :)
[22:12] <datendelphin> yes but that will not change much. those two do work already. They are the only ones with access to civicrm and similar
[22:12] <datendelphin> so it would be nice if finally some more people could get access.
[22:12] <Glassman> +1
[22:26] <datendelphin> I havealtered the LWG draftto fit MWG: (link redacted)
[22:28] <Glassman> The rewrite looks good. 
[22:29] <Glassman> datendelphin do you send it to the group; asking them to sign it and return it to Paul Norman?
[22:30] <datendelphin> well I think we should get the ok of the board (pnorman or Zverik)
[22:30] <Zverik> hi everyone, sorry for being late
[22:30] <datendelphin> oh Zverik is here :) good
[22:30] <Zverik> I'm okay with any NDA, but how are we going to sign it?
[22:30] <datendelphin> with blood
[22:31] <datendelphin> just kidding. I can mail it, but I can also scan it and e-mail it
[22:31] <Glassman> there are websites that allow you to sign remotely. Let me look
[22:31] <Zverik> I guess russian customs will get suspicious when they see people from all around the world sending me samples
[22:32] <datendelphin> Glassman: I don't think such a service is necessary. Scan usually works fine
[22:32] <Zverik> When I researched the CLAs (contributor license agreements), they said a digital signature is okay:
[22:32] <Zverik> a scan is also okay
[22:32] <Glassman> I was thinking of hellosign. Not sure of the cost. But I'm ok with scanning.
[22:34] <datendelphin> Oh wai,t in 2 weeks is SOTM, I can also give it personally there
[22:34] <Glassman> I won't be in Brussels, although I'd like to. I'm off to Costa Rica instead.
[22:35] <datendelphin> Well that's no bad alternative
[22:35] <datendelphin> So should we get started even though not so many people showed up?
[22:36] <Glassman> I think we already started!
[22:37] <datendelphin> So first item, last minutes. Everyone accepts them?
[22:37] <Glassman> Does anyone have the transcript from last meeting, basically our minutes?
[22:39] <datendelphin>
[22:41] <Glassman> I accept them
[22:41] <datendelphin> Me too. Zverik?
[22:41] <Zverik> I wrote these :)
[22:42] <Zverik> (thanks for chairing, datendelphin, I'm a bit distracted with starting the osm awards)
[22:43] <datendelphin> ok, so NDA, we will send it to the MWG list and the MWG members can sign it
[22:43] <Glassman> send signed copies to osmf secretary, paul norman?
[22:44] <datendelphin> yes I think so.
[22:45] <datendelphin> I guess there was no progress on the google form issue?
[22:45] <Zverik> no, sorry
[22:46] <Zverik> for now we rely on members asking us why their membership hasn't been extended :)
[22:46] <datendelphin> Then the spam false positives, are there some settings we could tweek to not reject mail?
[22:47] <datendelphin> I am personally aware of that problem, as my mail got rejected as well each year when renewing.
[22:48] <datendelphin> (side note: we should make a section open issues in the minutes to efficiently handle these points)
[22:49] <Glassman> does the osmf have a github account we could use to track open issues?
[22:49] <Zverik> I don't know, researched this because my mails are also rejected by google, and found no answer
[22:50] <Glassman> I use google apps for my email so I haven't had a problem (that I'm aware of) 
[22:51] <Glassman> Is it the google form that is causing the problem?
[22:51] <datendelphin> Glassman: no it has nothing to do with the form. Normal mails are being rejected as spam
[22:52] <Zverik> yes
[22:52] <datendelphin> I guess only from other mail providers than google itself
[22:53] <datendelphin> I will investigat if we could provide an alternative address
[22:54] <Glassman> datendelphin let me know how i can help
[22:55] <datendelphin> Hi SJFriedl, you are a bit late :)
[22:55] <datendelphin> so next point, osmf-talk mailing list. Zverik do you have access to it now?
[22:56] <Zverik> let me check
[22:57] <Zverik> no. Frederik has sent us a mail on 2.09 about the list, offering admin rights, but didn't make anybody an admin
[22:58] <SJFriedl> I thought iwas 10 mins early.
[22:58] <datendelphin> ok, so lets ask him if he could make us admin? Or just some of us?
[22:59] <datendelphin> SJFriedl: hmm time zones are tricky. London is currently +1 because summer time. doodle has a nice feature that lets you see the time in your time zone (also for the finalized date)
[23:00] <SJFriedl> Ok, summer time explains it. Sorry folks; I was looking forward to this.
[23:01] <Zverik> datendelphin: he can
[23:03] <datendelphin> so everyone (who shows up on mwg meetings) gets admin right to the osmf-talk list
[23:04] <datendelphin> Report from Vivien. Looks good to me, but I am curious if it worked matching the transfers to members
[23:06] <datendelphin> And if a payment is missing, we will ask Frederik if he can investigate in the transactions.
[23:09] <datendelphin> Zverik: can you report on Viviens report?
[23:10] <Zverik> I've checked £15 entries for the first half of the year, and most of these were indeed related to membership fees
[23:10] <Zverik> Haven't seen the latest one yet.
[23:11] <datendelphin> ok, so you used the transaction log directly. But we expect it to work with viviens monthly export
[23:13] <datendelphin> A member asked about multi-year payment. Would that be possible?
[23:13] <Zverik> just checked it; looks almost the same as entries that Frederik sent me, so it should be no problem to use these reports
[23:13] <Zverik> Some years ago, I think, we decided against multi-year payments
[23:13] <Zverik> because this way we know members are still active
[23:14] <datendelphin> ok, good.
[23:15] <Zverik> we can reconsider that, but it's for the Board to decide, I think
[23:16] <datendelphin> Then we have two members who have announced their wire transfer, and one who requested that his e-mail address be changed
[23:17] <datendelphin> Zverik: have you changed this e-mail address in civicrm?
[23:18] <Zverik> I was postponing that, but doing it now
[23:19] <datendelphin> thanks. That's everything on my list. Any other business?
[23:20] <Zverik> not from me :)
[23:20] <Zverik> I'd like somebody to make a CLA and sign it, so there is at least one other person manning the civicrm :)
[23:20] <datendelphin> Zverik will be doing the minutes again?
[23:20] <SJFriedl> I presume you folks talked about the NDA?
[23:21] <datendelphin> CLA=NDA?
[23:21] <SJFriedl> nondisclosure? do you call it something else?
[23:21] <Zverik> yes
[23:21] <Zverik> NDA of course :)
[23:21] <SJFriedl> ok. I'll wait for the minutes.
[23:22] <datendelphin> yes, we agreed on this: (link redacted)
[23:22] <Zverik> datendelphin: I'll copy the log into minutes
[23:22] <datendelphin> thanks. If you could omit my owncloud urls, that would be great :)
[23:23] <datendelphin> Thank you everyone for showing up, and have a nice day
[23:23] <Glassman> thanks everyone.
[23:24] <Zverik> thanks!