Working Group Minutes/EWG 2021-08-31

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Minutes of the 2021-08-31 Engineering Working Group meeting on BigBlueButton.


  • Rob Savoye
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Paul Norman
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Adam Hoyle


Meeting schedule

  • Meetings will be held every 14 days.
  • The time somewhat works for all attendees, but isn't ideal if we can find something that works better.
  • Action: Roland to set up a scheduling poll for a regular meeting time and share an invitation link on the EWG email list.

Decision-making and communication channels

  • We will continue using the engineering@ email list. Important discussions should happen there or at meetings.
  • In addition to this, Paul has set up an IRC chatroom at #osmf-engineering for more ephemeral communication. The room is accessible through Matrix as well.
  • Decision-making processes weren't specifically discussed yet.


  • It is customary for most OSMF working groups to have a chairperson, although the rules of order do not require it.
  • Roland volunteers for the position of EWG chairperson, chairs the remainder of this meeting.
  • A proper chairperson election will occur at the next meeting to allow additional candidates to step forward (should they wish to do so).

Recruiting members and advertising the group

  • Decision: Publish a blog post on to introduce EWG
    • Deadline for the draft is a week from now. (Our goal is to have it public well before the next meeting, and CWG will need some time to get it published.)
    • The post should be self-contained, readers should not need to follow links to understand what EWG is about.
    • Do not focus on the history and previous incarnations of EWG.
  • The blog post will be shared to relevant channels, such as mailing lists.
  • The EWG page on the website is ok, no immediate need for improvements.

Initial goals

  • Prepare long term goals
  • Brainstorm ideas for initial project proposals until next meeting
    • Our proposals should be sufficiently precise, depending on purpose
    • A software list (like the one we used internally to come up with a classification of projects in the ecosystem) could be useful. Caveat: If it is published, it needs to be fair and balanced. Maybe cite and modify existing list.
  • We've inherited the Top Ten Tasks page from our predecessors. Some initial discussion:
    • List has only 9 items because of the previous group's inactivity
    • Belgium Local Chapter’s “OpenStreetMap Welcome tool” (which is currently in beta) is related to Task #5 (tools for welcoming new users)
  • Action: Everyone to start thinking about proposal ideas and what to do with the Top Ten Tasks page.

Conflict of interest rules

  • Due to the financial interests involved with selecting grant recipients, it is especially important to handle conflicts of interest properly.
  • Decision: Stick with the OSM Foundation's default CoI policy for working group until further notice
  • Any member is encouraged to put this topic on the agenda again if, after some consideration, they feel that the default is insufficient.

Any other business

  • There should be public meeting minutes
    • Action: Tobias to write down minutes for this meeting
    • After the first few meetings, it will make sense to ask for administrative assistance
  • Action: Roland to share a list of tasks to be completed until the next meeting

Next meeting

Will happen in about two weeks, exact time and date TBD.