Working Group Minutes/EWG 2017-08-29

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

A meeting of the Engineering Working Group on 29th of August 2017 via Mumble.


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Peter Barth
  • Jo (Polyglot)
  • Ilya Zverev


Google Summer of Code

All projects seem to be finished, on time, with no evaluations skipped. The final mentor evaluation week has started. Peter plans to ask mentors about their students' projects, some information and screenshots, to write a blog post. Few students do these posts.

This year GSoC distributes money through Payoneer. Peter has filled out the forms, so for now it is looking good. We plan to use $500 allocated by Google for flying one of the students to any conference, to fly two students to FOSS4G in Brussels. They both are from Europe, so the flights are cheap. We will take money from the OSMF up-front, book flights and everything, and students will have to scan every receipt they get. After that we will request the money from Google, returning it to the OSMF.

We are sending only two students, because nobody else replied when we asked. Both have submitted presentations.

Top Ten Tasks

Ilya has started writing a draft. When he finishes it, the link must be sent to the EWG mailing list, so everyone reads and approves it. After that we switch the lists and announce the new one.

Action Items

  • Ilya to finish the Top Ten Tasks wiki page.

Next Meeting

12th of September, 20:00 UTC