Working Group Minutes/EWG 2017-05-02

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

A meeting of the Engineering Working Group on 2nd of May 2017 via Mumble.


  • Paul Norman
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Jo (Polyglot)
  • Ilya Zverev


Top Ten Tasks

All ideas were moved to the google spreadsheet. It has a column for each EWG member, in which they put "-1" for bad ideas and "1" for great. We are grading them until the next meeting, when we will decide which to discard and how to proceed.

There are some non-technical ideas, like with certification, or too vague, like API 1.0. Discarding a third or even a half of these should be easy.

An issue came up: all grades were public, since we linked the spreadsheet from the etherpad. Made a non-public copy of the table.

EWG Mailing List

Some feel it's time we got our own mailing list, because for now we exchange direct mails. What to do with previous members? Decided to write a mail to the list, asking these who wants to resume participation to answer positively. Others we will unsubscribe.

Sponsoring Events

EWG has always planned to support developer events with money. There is an item in the 2013 plan about that. The group has had exactly zero proposals from such events organizers. Ilya thinks the group should actively promote such events to local groups.

Paul answers that that won't work: if one can get people for a hackathon, a venue usually is not an issue. Since nobody has used the option in the past years, there is little chance somebody would. Because, again, the main issue is people, not money. And until we have enough money to sponsor travel, grating small sums would not help.

Meetups and conferences would be outside of the scope. Conferences are usually big and have sponsors, meetups are for all OSMers, not just developers, and they don't usually promote development.

Still, we have a budget for this year, we need to think more about spending it in a useful way.

Google Summer of Code

In two days the students will be announced. Jo (and possibly some other mentors) plans to do hangouts with his. Ilya suggested to join in on the public transport-related projects.

Action Items

  • Everyone to grade TTT ideas.
  • Ilya to send a mail to the EWG mailing list.

Next Meeting

In two weeks: 30th of May, 20:00 UTC.